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by Vatras

I am going to use Bargle as shadowy figure in low heroic (my group has tangled with minions of him thus far), and as a minor villain in high heroic, where he appears as the instigator of the plot to be thwarted, but is not present himself. In the lower paragon tier he will become a major villain and finally the PCs will be able to confront him directly (the showdown might not be in combat but at court and a political skill challenge, though).

My players have thus far the impression that he likes to borrow military personnel of the Black Eagle Barony for his lieutenants and that he favours the use of poison. I intend him to be a sorcerer as he appears in the Conan stories: more traps, tricks and poison than real magic, and politically motivated. His intentions are to become a figure of influence and wealth, to leave behind his lowly origins. He is using von Hendriks as his tool to rule the Barony and he intends him to succeed Stefan on the throne to Karameikos, always staying the grey eminence. Being rich and influential on this level is the height of his ambition, though, he is not going to have delusions about ruling the world.

For this purpose he has to be a charismatic and clever man, able to influence people to see things his way. There is a shortage on charm spells, which means he has the necessary skills. As his actual class does not matter much (he relies on minions, poison and subterfuge) I will cast him as a warlock and have him MC into wizard (which opens Bloodmage for him). I was considering to MC into cleric and go Divine Oracle, which would fit him as well, but preferred the darker Bloodmage in the end.

Bargle the Infamous
Human Warlock (star pact) 15
STR 11
CON 16
DEX 11
INT 16
WIS 13
CHA 22

Languages: Common, elvish, giant, goblin, primordial
Skills: Arcana, History, Bluff, Streetwise, Intimidate, Insight, Diplomacy
Feats: Ritual Caster, Alchemy, Arcane Initiate, Action Surge, Linguist, Skill training (Diplomacy), Danger Sense, Psychic Lock, Twofold Curse
At-wills: Eldritch Blast, Eyebite, Dire Radiance
Encounter: Thunderwave, Dreadful word, Frigid darkness, Sign of ill omen, Blood pulse
Daily: Armour of Agathys, Tendrils of Thuban, Thief of five fates
Utility: Beguiling tongue, Ambassador imp, Warlock's leap, Soulburn

This build is not what a PC would pick, but what Bargle could have chosen according to the little information about him in the books. He starts out lowly and becomes a polished and crafty courtier, who deals a lot with humanoids too. He needs to be a ritual caster and alchemist to accomplish what is attributed to him - he could employ an alchemist, but I prefer him to be the poisoner himself. Since there is nothing like the charm spells of old, he needs the skills to achieve a similar effect.
Some of the powers are needed for plots, like Ambassador imp, others are more defensive or for flavour (Warlock's leap, Beguiling tongue) than a player would pick - but Bargle is a coward at heart and prefers to get away than slug it out to the end.