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Immortal candidates after "Fall of Glantri" - Barimoor

by David Knott

Barimoor, the Alphatian fire wizard with a secret underground base under Ylaruam, is an Immortal candidate who was largely forgotten after his first and (I think) only appearance in Gaz 2. In the early to middle 11th century Barimoor finally decides to emerge from underground and transform the Emirate of Nithia -- but the Ylari react violently, and most of his followers are killed. Barimoor himself escapes to Aengmor (formerly Alfheim), where he allies himself with the Shadow Elves.

Eventually he learns of the now corrupted Nucleus of the Spheres, and he realises that if he can just get close enough to it he may yet be able to achieve Immortality. By this time many Alfheim Elves have moved back into Aengmor/Alfheim -- either they finally made peace with the Shadow Elves, or the Alfheim Avengers forcefully reconquered the Canolbarth forest. Either way, Barimoor has little trouble persuading many Shadow Elves to accompany him to southern Glantri, where they push aside Kol's goblinoids and the few remaining Belcadiz Elves.

Once there, Barimoor manages to gain access to the corrupted Radiance, and he becomes yet another "Radiance Dragon". He has achieved a form of immortality, but not what he had anticipated....