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Tatyana's Feed on the Beast

by Ohad Shaham

Level: 3
Range: touch
Duration: 1 hour or until animal's death (see below)
AoE: one non magical normal animal bigger than a cat.

This weird and frightening spell is Tatyana's way of avoiding hurting innocent people. When this spell is cast on an animal at night (the animal has to be touched), the animal turns in to a beautiful human of the animals gender. The animal gets no saving throw, and the resulting human has the same scores in intelligence and wisdom as the animal (1 or 2 usually). This "human" can be fed on by vampires as if it was real.

There are two problems with this spell.

1. The creature must be killed in the time of the spells duration, or else it will become a mindless werebeast (or beastwere in AD&D).

2. After its death the creature will stay in human form as a corps. This corps must be buried or hid in some way for obvious reasons.