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The Behemoth

by Amaldis

Arrr matey, listen closely to the story of Captain Lucien Gofard, famous lupin explorer. Lucien was a strange one, obsessed with finding a way to get to the riches of the Mysterious East(Alphatia, Tangor, and other lands on and near Skothar). His believed that a route past the Arm of the Immortals must exist, and spent years attempting to find a way through. Finally on one voyage he disappeared, never to be seen in the Savage Coast again. In truth, he did find a way to Alphatia. Once there he stopped at a southern port with meticulously clean beaches and arrogant nobles. Apparently he offended some wizard of no little power who had a third arm(that wizard was kidnapped as a boy by a minor noble of Glantri a subject to unspeakable totures and strange expirements, although he did finally escape and is said to have his previous tormentor locked in a vault where he is tortured for all eternity, thanks to magic keeping both of them eternally alive) and the wizard teleported he and his ship to a cavern the mage had found long ago. Once there Lucien and his crew starved to death, but Lucien's lingering obsession with revenge kept them all in a state of undeath(treat Lucien as a lich with no magic, his officers are all wights, and the crew are either skeletons or zombies). Finally, about a decade ago, a loud rumbling was heard by the crew of the "Red Piece of Eight"(Lucien's ship), and some huge beast swallowed the ship whole. Those adventurers(and the foolish monster-bait explorers who map out dungeons and such before the adventurers come there, I believe they are called Dungeon Masters, as silly a name for monster-bait I have never heard) who are traveling the Sea of Dread and happen to be swallowed by a beast known as the Behemoth, beware! Lucien is there waiting for revenge, and he is quite willing to add you to his crew. Lucien is loacted in the stomach, traveling the Great Acid Sea. His ship is itself a type of undead, best described as a zombie with immunities to lightning, fire, and acid. The ship posesses 100 hp. and regenerates 1 hp a round. It is incapable of attack, but Lucien and his crew are armed and quite dangerous. Any body found on the ship rises as an undead under Lucien's control 10 rounds after it has died(or been destroyed in an undead's case). The only way to defeat Lucien and his crew is to destroy the ship and then Lucien(be warned, upon the ship's destruction it loses its immunity to acid and dissolves in the stomach, the stomach acids take off 1d6 points a round in damage).

P.S.Look out for more on the interior of the Behemoth in a Dragon magazine some time in the future.

The Behemoth does not serve Lucien. Lucien is merely one of the interesting folks swallowed by the Behemoth.

by Bruce Heard

This behemoth could also have several separate stomacs with different occupants. It could be interesting if the occupants were rivals of sorts (a royal galleon seeking to escape, a pirate coveting the galleon's treasures, undead craving for the evil minds of the pirates, an armored barge of cleric heretics who were trying to evade the royal galleon that eventually pursued them right into the behemoth's mouth, now hunting the undead... etc). I bet that behemoth is going to experience heart burns occasionally. All that exotic food, you know.

by Amaldis

Don't forget the fact that the Behemoth has cursed and non-cursed areas in it(from swallowing some stuff from the Savage Coast). The Behemoth is basically a huge dungeon(although with a couple twists) that is slightly reminiscent of Disney's Pinnochio. There are rival power groups within the creature, each fighting(or cooperating) with each other to obtain some goal. Oddly enough, compasses within the Behemoth all point towards its mouth(the truth is that the Behemoth has a large amount of charged magnetite within the front of its head, and therefore knows which was is north). I am not sure when I'll finish, but would the people here like me to post info(in either this or the Myst folder, or both) on the Behemoth before it gets in Dragon(it might not be accepted), or would you prefer waiting?