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Bellayne (Kingdom of)

Location: East of Herath and Shazak, West of Renardie. SC

Area: Approx. 25,000 sq. mi. (64,750 sq. km.).

Population: Approx. 484,000 (roughly 75% rakasta, with some dwarves and humans concentrated mainly in the north).

Languages: Rakastayne (official), Slag (Savage Coast trade tongue).

Coinage: Crown (5 gp), pound sterling (gp), quid (ep), shilling (sp), penny (cp).

Taxes: An income tax of 20% is paid by every subject, plus a 10% sales tax on all items considered to be luxuries (i.e. not food, clothing, or cinnabryl).

Government Type: Monarchy advised by a parliament made up of elected commoners and the Bellaynish nobility.

Industries: Coal mining, wool, tea, fishing, metal working, news, liquor.

Important Figures: James II (King of Bellayne), Humphrey the Exalted (Archbishop of Kittings), Marston the Just (Archbishop of Leominster), Perceval the Iron Clawed (Duke of Pawcester), Mortimer the Defiant (Earl of Penwick), Rodney the Intrepid (Earl of Theeds), Meghan the Gaunt (Viscountess of Furfield), Francis Blythe-Jackson (Leader of the Wyndham Party in the House of Commons), Benjamin Treeby (Leader of the Royal Party in the House of Commons), Mewsbury Fitzbagpuss (Knight of the Bath).

Flora and Fauna: Bellayne shows the marks of five hundred years of civilisation, and so until recently was relatively devoid of interesting creatures. More recently nearly successful goblinoid invasions have led to groups of goblinoids roaming the northern fringes of Bellayne, while the Red Curse has spawned a number of degenerate beasts. Creatures commonly found in Bellayne include animal herds (sheep, cows), bears, wolves, boars, giant rats, giant weasels, feliquines, various goblinoids and dragons. Being a relatively temperate land, Bellayne hosts a wide variety of deciduous trees (including oak, birch, and yew) and various types of shrubbery; the kingdom is well known for its roses, and some aristocrats have been known to spend vast sums of money to cultivate the most expansive and luxurious rose gardens.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.