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Notes on the Bel Lendh Monandry map

by Sean Meaney

I have included:
Lower Dengar
The Mines of Jhyrrad
The Lost Caverns
Cynidicea and its lake
The New Subterranean course of the River Nithia
The Caves of Chaos
The Hill (Horror on the Hill) which has a lava flow and a river going down..........................-800 ft
The Rivers from the Shadow Elf Map: Sojourner, Delnador Flow, and Gilfyn
The Bel Dalen Mines of 950AC
The Fault slip of the Highlands


Cynidicea and its lake should be about 800-1000 feet below the ground. I just noticed that the lake isn't called lake Nithia its actually named after the creator of the Lost City Adventure. So I need to go back and make a mod to the map reducing it to a single hex (or two). The Subterranean city is on the same level as the Broken Lands (depth wise) Same again for the Subterranean structures beneath the Hill (Horror on the Hill Adventure).


According to the Ylaruam Gaz, the Subterranean works of this wizard appear to be way off in the North East of Ylaruam... That's at least two maps over. he will probably be doing what the Gnomes did with the River Nithia - bring it in by subterranean canal. But his water will be coming in from the Hardangers along their whole length. Probably build a reservoir under the highlands in the north and will open holes in the side of the escarpment pouring water from the reservoir into the Desert. The Hardangers are limestone so a huge amount of water will be working their way down through them to the escarpment fault line.

Bel Dalen

Bel Dalen is in the AC11: The Book of Wondrous Inventions (1987) Its a huge maze expanded from a Massive silver mine that died out overnight. Check: Oddwaddle's Centipede and the Brick-o-matic entries for details.

The Lizardman Civilization

These are the guys we are probably likely to run into under the next map over from Altan Tepe. Caverns networked with tunnels connecting their Tombs and Citadel - unless their citadel is the Carnifex one from the adventure and is trapped in a dimensional portal.

Rivers and their Depths

I was going through a Book on Mining and Subsidence. It talks about the rivers in Britain being as deep as the Grand Canyon - just filled with silt of up around 800 feet thick. I was thinking the River Nithia might have naturally been that deep at some point.