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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Heroes, Protector of Norwold, The Dragonslayer

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 3rd (Initiate), CG, Energy
Symbol: a dragon pierced by a sword
Portfolio: battle, strength, exterminate dragons, defend Norwold
Worshipped in: Isle of Dawn (Helskir), Known World (Northern Reaches), Norwold
Appearance: a sinewy human of about forty encased in shining plate armour with several embellishments of draconic stamp, a shield with the bas-relief of a rampant dragon on the left arm, a sword that emanates an intense magical aura in the right hand, and an helmet in the form of a dragon’s head with the visor raised that leaves glimpses of a perfectly shaved face of square features, with sky-blue eyes with a fierce and indomitable look and short greying hair.
History: in life he was an Alphatian fighter of Norwold with a bold and obstinate temperament. Haunted by the power and destruction brought by dragons into his lands, succeeded to climb the summit of Immortality thanks to epic clashes with the draconic blood for protecting Norwold and to the of the armour, shield and sword of the Lord of Dragons (three ancient legendary artefacts). Ascending in the middle of the VII century AC, has brought with him into the Sphere of Energy his crusade against the dragons and is now the protector of numerous dragonslayers and all the humans of Norwold.
Personality: Bemarris is an ardent fighter in heart and soul, more accustomed to fighting than to strategy and politics. However he is not reckless, and the years spent as mortal have refined his tactical skills as well as his skill of command, gifts that he tried to teach to his followers. He is a faithful ally of Thor, his mentor, who selected him for embodying the role of Magni (his son according to the Antalian mythology) and admires the young Lokena for her bravery and strategic skill, with who he has a good affinity. His principal enemies are naturally the dragon lords, as well as Idris, patroness of Denagoth and the evil dragons that live there. Bemarris indeed doesn’t distinguish between good or evil individuals: when he deals with dragons, his prejudice is so deep-seated that he indiscriminately considers all creatures treacherous and devastating and should be wiped out.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Thor]
Allies: Thor, Lokena
Enemies: The Great One, Diamond, Pearl, Opal, Idris
Alignment of followers: any; the clerics must be Chaotic or Neutral
Favourite weapon: long sword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and the bastard sword)
Clerics’ skills and powers: can use Fighter Weapon Mastery slots instead of Cleric slots
Paladins’ skills and powers: +2 bonus to attack rolls versus dragons
Domains: Energy, Chaos, Good, Strength
Preferred weapon: long sword
Source: WotI, IM2