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Benekander Spell List

by Sheldon Morris

Benekander Spell List (Initiate of the Sphere of Energy)

Domains: Craft, Good, Metal, Sphere of Energy, Sun, Trade

Special Clerical Powers: You receive Darkvision as a supernatural ability. If you already have Darkvision your range is increased by 30 ft.

0-Level Cleric Spells (Orisons)
Detect Magic
Read Magic

1st-Level Cleric Spells
Animate Rope
Detect Evil
Endure Elements
Magic Weapon
Shield of Faith
Protection from Evil

2nd-Level Cleric Spells
Eagle's Splendour
Heat Metal
Make Whole
Remove Paralysis
Shield Other
Wood Shape

3rd-Level Cleric Spells
Continual Flame
Keen Edge
Locate Object
Magic Circle against Evil
Magic Vestment
Searing Light
Stone Shape

4th-Level Cleric Spells
Freedom of Movement
Holy Smite
Magic Weapon, Greater
Minor Creation
Rusting Grasp

5th-Level Cleric Spells
Dispel Evil
Fire Shield
Flame Strike
Major Creation
True Seeing
Wall of Stone

6th-Level Cleric Spells
Animate Objects
Blade Barrier
Fire Seeds
Guards and Wards
Hold Monster
Wall of Iron

7th-Level Cleric Spells
Analyse Dweomer
Holy Word
Magnificent Mansion, Mordenkainen's
Transmute Metal to Wood

8th-Level Cleric Spells
Discern Location
Fire Storm
Mind Blank

9th-Level Cleric Spells
Prismatic Sphere
Repel Metal or Stone
Storm of Vengeance

Weapon of the Immortal: Mace; +1 shock heavy mace

Symbol: His peculiar symbol shows a dog (a beagle) in a one-piece suit (jumpsuit), wearing a hardhat, carrying a big adjustable wrench in one hand and rapping it into the palm of his other hand (this was once the designation of the engineer's department aboard the "Beagle".

Immortal's Alignment: LG

Appearance: Benekander's Manifestation Form is that of a tall (7'), lean man with black hair and a neatly trimmed moustache and beard; his skin colour is a light green and his eyes are blue. He wears a blue jumpsuit with black boots and belt and carries a perfectly round shield with a mirror-like surface. His Mortal Identity form as "Rheddrian", a merchant recently settled in Darokin, has the same facial features but is a foot shorter and lacks the unusual skin colouration; in mortal guise he wears rich clothes appropriate to whatever area of Mystara he finds himself in.