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The Berchlesmitzer

by Jeff Daly

Uhuboote-Class (Scout) Warbird

Tonnage: 64 tons
Hull Points: 45 Hull; 6 Sail
Armour Class: 7
Lift Capacity: 70 tons
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons
Air Speed: 360' (120')
Mov. Factor: 1/2
Length: 60' (incl. tail)
Beam: 90' (incl. wings)
Depth: 20'
Hull: mostly wood (wings/tail made of canvas over a wooden frame)
Crew: 20 (1 Knight Banneret, 1 Prior, 3 brother knights, 10 brother squires, 1 brother chaplain.)
Weaponry: One blight belcher (light, located just under the tail), two ballistae.
Defences: Darkness.
Skygem: 5,880 carats for a three month range. A 6th level priest is needed to activate the gem.

History: AC992--Captained by the Knight Banneret "Herr Schlongledorfer", a relation of the northwestern Hattian Schlongledorfers, the Berchlesmitzer was commissioned to map the main continent of Alphatia and report its findings and the general layout of the various kingdoms. With continual returns to Freiburg in order to replace the gem, the mission took a total of 5 years, and had a few fairly close calls with Alphatian skyships. Their orders were clear though, map out the area and live to report. The blight belcher was located in the tail specifically to give them a head start in any chase situation, and the darkness field provided fairly ample cover.

AC997--For the next 3 years, with a full report into the archives at Freiburg, the Berchlesmitzer was sent to observe the Kingdoms of Bettelyn and Randel up close and personal. They were to foment unrest, if possible, and, since these two kingdoms provided the bulk of Alphatian military, to maintain constant reports of troop strength and innovations. During the latter 2 years, the crew and ship were constantly harassed/hunted by the Alphatian schooner "Terrible Swift Wind", captained by the mage-lord "Barumpormah". Fortunately this Barumpormah was a vengeful rogue, who took it upon himself to conduct the hunt for the Berchlesmitzer. His arrogance and desire for revenge against the Brother Chaplain "Patra Istbein", led him to mount unsuccessful attack upon unsuccessful attack as the Berchlesmitzer continued to simply stay one step ahead, find another spot to set down, and infiltrate a town to foment a little more.

The exact nature of Captain Barumpormah's "injury" stems from a soapbox style preaching in the streets of Isoin, where Patra Istbein took it upon himself to preach to the crowd of Vanya's might and fury. Prior Terchlfrach would have likely been much more inclined to be angry with Istbein had his preaching not actually had some affect. However, it was the positive affect of the preaching that brought Barumpormah's attention down on Istbein and the Berchlesmitzer. Barumpormah began answering some of the preaching of Istbein, but not being much of a public speaker, ended up making himself look quite ridiculous. The rest is pretty much history.

AC1000--During the Wrath period, the mission of the Berchlesmitzer was modified and extended in order to produce as much behind the lines conflict as possible. The Terrible Swift Wind continued to pursue them during this time.

AC1015(?)--In recent times, the Berchlesmitzer has been sent to scout the continent of Skothar. With the loss of Alphatia, it is desired by the knights to have more knowledge of this is unknown what happened to their old enemy...