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there was a LARGE discrepancy in the population of Bergen in the sources available. Stuck with the standard population rates.. but kept the large village that was introduced in the write-up on Bergen.

Bergen, Viscounty of

by micky

392 square miles


Vystaar (937) is a large village located in the Southwestern hills
Ardjes (168) is a mountain village where Ardjes stones are cut.
Bergen (138) at an altitude of 270’, it's located between the hills and the mountains

Ethnic groups:
Flaems 80%, Lupins 16%, Kaelic 4%

Flaemish, Lupin (Flaemish Shepherd dialect), Kaelic, Thyatian

Viscount Mirn Krollnar (born 990, M9, Fire Master of 1st Circle)


The Viscount of Bergen, like many Glantrian nobles blatantly ignores the Military Control Law. It is divided by splitting it among the prominent settlements of the dominion. The Flaemish Shepherds Guard is a small elite group of 20 F4, short sword chain mail and shield, all from the Paster clan, and all totally loyal to the Krollnars and are based at the Tower of Bergen. They are led by the mighty Rovex (F21, short sword +3, plate mail+2 of fire resistance), a legendary hero among the Lupins of Glantri. Aside from the Shepards Guard the tower boasts formidable defences built into the Bergen Tower itself, lots of small traps and siege weapons are cleverly hidden in the walls with pots with boiling oil, magical fire traps, and spring mounted spikes.

The Ardjes Escort is a human unit made up of 20 mounted fighters (F2, long swords, chain mail, and shield) who patrol the areas around Ardjes and the main roads.

The Vystaar village Militia (30 F1, spears or tridents, leather armor) is a reserve force that is in charge of policing the largest settlement in the dominion.


Fair trails connect the three villages. A fair trail leads Southwest to Fort Nordling, another one South to Ostbruck.

Ardjes (slate-tiles) are Bergen’s main resource and they’re now exported all over the Principalities, thanks to Idwal Terlagand’s idea. Sheepherds, introduced by McAllisters, knew a sharp increase after Isaac’s toll Affaire. The wool is mainly exported to Bergdhoven and Ostbruck. The Viscounty imports food by the Principality of Bergdhoven. The Library and Museum of Planar Lore generates an income of 200 dc per month.


Viscounts of Bergen

Porfir Massza 894-915
Idwal Terlagand 915-935
Seisyll Wittels 935-949
Charles McAllister 949-958
William McAllister 958-990
Alasdair McAllister 990-992
Rowena Krollnar 992-1014
Mirn Krollnar 1014-

Flaemish settlers knew this area for those houses with strangely tiled roofs. It was home to the Flaemish Shepherds of Sager clan (mountains) and Paster clan (hills). Bergen became part of the Principalities when Prince Vlaardoen finally succeeded in convincing his old teacher Porfir Massza to establish a dominion there. A studious and a sage, Porfir loved the company of the Sager clan, and Lupin trusted that under the rule of that man nothing would have changed. Their guess proved right for some twenty years, when Porfir died without any heir, the Aalbanese noble Idwal Terlagand won the Awards Festival and became the Viscount of Bergen. Idwal realized this community needed something to aliment its treasury, and he cunningly started to publicize Bergen Ardjes in Glantrian architectural circles. Soon the Viscounty started exporting it throughout Glantri, where it was used as a particular decoration even in place that needn’t it and has become a standard fixture in many architectural styles in Glantri.

When Idwal moved on, Bergen knew a period of unrest since next Viscount was Seisyll Wittels, an Alphatian. However, the "Cunning Weasel" managed to calm down the population from a near state of revolt, by committing the ruling to members of the Sager clan, while he remained at the Captital and he devoted his energies to politicking to improve his chances of getting out of Bergen . After 14 years he had his chance when a County became open for an Awards Festival and all the years of politicking paid off and Wittels reached the title of Count, he was succeeded by McAllisters who ruled forty years. McAllisters arrived from nearby Uigmuir, but they weren’t interested in good ruling. Combining Kaelics and Lupins experience, wool trade increased in the hills of the Viscounty first, then in those of the FP of Fort Nordling which brought increased wealth to the Viscounty. When Alasdair McAllister won the County of Glenargyll in AC992, things turned even better for the Viscounty, the new ruler Rowena Krollnar was not only a Flaem but was also born in the village of Vystaar, and had become much attached to her lands. Rowena proved to be a capable leader and Bergen knew a golden era in which Vystaar became a major settlement of the north and was topped off by the founding of the Library and Museum of Planar Lore in the small village of Bergen which has brought not only more income into the dominion but established it as a scholarly enclave far away from the Capital.

Notable sites:
Ziljen Ranges rise around the Tower of Bergen and are home to the Sager clan, the more reclusive clan of Flaemish Shepherds. Loved by the people for their healing abilities (using mountain herbs), they also proved to be useful councillors and sages for the Viscounts, to Lupins this was the best method of being sure the Viscounty was well run. Actually, they are led by Bernardus Sager (born 965, Lupin male, Flaemish Shepherd breed) (OD&D: Al L) (AD&D: Healer* 12th, Al NG), who was a close friend of Rowena Krollnar. They were of the same age, and they grew up together, Rowena used to turn to him whenever she seeks a wise council. He has offered his services and advice to Rowena’s son as well. Bernardus runs the Healing Hospital in Vystaar with his apprentices.

Viscountess Rowena founded Bergen Library and Museum of Planar Lore, the result of a passion she took from her father. It counts on several family heirloom and some donations. Entrance is 5 sovereign; book consulting is 10 ducats the first day, then 1 dc per day. The museum provides an income of 250 ducats per month, thanks to some agreements with the Flaemish Library of Kopstar and the Great Library of Glantri City, who pays the right to consult the private material in Bergen. Rowena managed to obtain this thanks to Wilhelmine Vlaardoen’s political abilities.

The Tower of Bergen is an amazing sight. It has a conical shape and it’s entirely covered with Bergen Ardjes: an idea of Idwal Terlagand who modified the Tower previously built by Porfir Massza. During winter the snow seems to caress the tiles then fall on the ground as if repelled.

The Healing Hospital was another idea of Rowena. She had it built with the secret financial help of Margaret Hillsbury, and it’s run by the Healer Bernardus Sager, Head of the Sager Clan. His more skilled aid, Rufus (born 979, Lupin male) (OD&D: Al L) (AD&D: Healer* 6th, Al LG), substitutes him when he’s somewhere else. Bernardus can count up to twenty apprentices among his clan. The Hospital is a simple structure with the characteristic ardjes-tiled roof, it holds 80 patients, but if the need arises, it can reach 120 beds. Outside the Hospital, there’s an Herb Garden. Run by Bernardus’ apprentices, it helps the Healer to maintain a good supply of curative herbs. Rowena decided that people of the Viscounty shouldn’t pay for the cure received something that increased her popularity even more. Outsiders are charged with normal fees. However the Hospital doesn’t produce any income for the Treasury: normal fees and additional income (for selling lijsk leaves to the Guild of Gemcutters in Kopstar) merely suffice to cover the expenses.

Coat of Arms:
argent plume on a sable background

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