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Some considerations about berserker's frenzy

by Iacopo Trotta

Berserkers are considered monsters in the Rules Cyclopaedia (or in the old Base set), but I've used frenzy in some of the new classes I've created (like barbarian, minotaur etc.). Frenzy gives a character a +2 bonus to hit and damage and makes him/her win initiative (or, if this seems to powerful to you, it can give the character a +2 bonus on initiative) to represent the savagery of his/her attacks. To become frenzied a character must fail a Ws check at the start of an engagement: if his/her check is not failed, he/she has not reached a frenzy state. If the roll is a 20, then his/her fury makes him/her attack the nearest friend/ally when all enemies are down, while making a new Ws check each round to stop his/her friends slaughtering.