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The Pit of Blood Gold

by Sean Meaney

The Timber Basket slowly lowered down the long shaft with two men as its passengers. It seemed forever.
"How much longer Bargle? I grow Weary of this ride down a well in a bucket." Bargle smiled to himself.
"Not much longer my lord Baron." Bargle lifted the Magical Lantern to illuminate the shaft which seemed to end in a deep cavern. Yet the basket continued down into the darkness - the silence replaced by a roar that grew slowly louder.
The Baron breathed in in shock as he saw for the first time some of that which lay below him.
"And there you have it...some ancient city a half mile below fort Doom." In the distant the roar was revealed to be a waterfall pouring in through the rock wall. Bargle pointed at it.
"It is Sea Water. The Engineer tells me it only opened when we broke through into the cavern releasing the pressure. We have a week to plunder what we can." The Basket came to rest atop a stepped Pyramid on which was piled the dirt of their mine excavations.

DM Briefing: While excavating beneath the earth, the Baron's slaves break into an underground cavern in which an ancient Nithian city lies. Its Treasure Vaults are filled with a million pounds of Orrichacum Artefacts (A Gold-Copper alloy). While not an absolutely foul amount of wealth, it is still substantial. As Nithian Artefacts they would be worth a million gold pieces but as metal ingots only a few hundred thousand gold pieces. The Pyramid is dedicated to some immortal of Entropy involved in the Fall of Nithia.