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Immortals of Blackmoor vs ZGG Deities

by Marco Dalmonte

Considering this list of immortals made by Håvard here is a revised list of Immortals for Blackmoor based on what we know:

Thonian Pantheon
Baldin - Pax or Thalia (but Baldin is listed as Male) or Baldin (vanished or unknown immortal)
Fornaus - Odin, Ixion or Pax
Hersh - Tyche (but he's listed as Male) or Hersh (vanished or unknown)
Henrin - none (must be Henrin, vanished or unknown)
Kadis - Ouranos
Khoronus* - Khoronus (this prompts a question: what's the tentative date of this pantheon? cause I thought Khoronus' s ascension was around 4050 BC, way too early to be acknowledged among the deities worshipped in the Kingdom of Blackmoor...)
Mwajin - Mwajin (Protius is definitely NOT interested in air nor commerce, so this Mwajin must be unknown or vanished)
Odir* - Odin or Ixion (being NG stands more in favour of Ixion)
Pacuun - Ixion or Pax (Sinbad would have been another nice choice if you think he is around BEFORE the GRoF)
Phellia - definitely Valerias
Sacwyhne - Sacwyhne (there's really NO other immortal with these interests around at that time, so she must be a new one, probably unknown or vanished)
Sollus - Terra or Ka (but Sollus is Male) or Sollus (now dead?)

Peshwa Pantheon
Calelrin (evil) - Arachne Prime is a nice choice, but Calelrin is Male, so maybe Demogorgon (who's got both a male and a female personality) or Arik are better
Hadeen (dead) - Hadeen (they tell us it's dead, so let's just make him an hitherto unknown DEAD immortal, which solves the problem perfectly)
Hak - Odin (apart from horses, but he can fit)
Raelralataen - this one must be a new immortal (vanished or unknown)
Yoosef - Ka

Evil Pantheon
Elgath - he's patron of archers and the hunt, how can he be connected to the Egg?? Listed as CN, I'd say maybe Ninfangle is a good choice
Tyrhm (Skandahar Patron) - Stodos
Thanatos* - Thanatos
Hella* (Skandahar/Beastman Patron) - Hel
Volketh - Volketh (unknown or now dead)
Zugzul* (Afridhi Pantheon)- Zugzul

Charis - Ka (I tend to see his portfolio as part of the natural cycle, besides he is Lawful Good!)
Koorzun - Kagyar or Koorzun (now dead)
Dhummon - Dhummon (probably one of the original dwarven immortals, now extinct)
Gorrim (evil) - Demogorgon or Thanatos (D is probably more fitting given the "wealth" portfolio of Gorrim, which should mean greed) or Gorrim (some evil dwarven immortal, maybe he and Dhummon killed each other!)
Hemgrid - Ouranos
Kela - now this is a good choice for Kagyar!
Mieroc - Kagyar (except for that "war" part) or Mieroc himself. Can't be Garal, since he ascended after Blackmoor became an Empire (he was originally a dwarf and later created the gnomish race).. unless you're telling me gnomes were around at the times of King Uther, and this means Garal ascended earlier than 4100 BC... even though our Mystaran sources (HW namely) clearly fix gnomish creation around 3000 BC IIRC
Pathmeer - Ssu-Ma
Shau - a FEMALE goddess of tactics and war was not present at those times in the official sources, so Shau must be an hitherto unknown immortal (maybe vanished)

Elven Pantheon
Aeros - Elemaster of Air or another unknown deity (maybe these elves turned to worship the elemental forces, and thus the Elemasters??)
Dealth - Eiryndul would be perfect.. were it not for the fact he became immortal only 2000 years after! Dealth must be another of those unknown immortals
Faunus* - Faunus
Ferros - Kagyar, why not (after all he became FIXED on dwarves after GRoF, but couldn't he have been interested by other cultures before)? Otherwise Ferros (unknown or vanished)
Fiumarra - Elemaster of Fire or Fiumarra (unknown or vanished)
Hydros - Elemaster of Water or Protius
Ordana* - Ordana
Sylvian - Ninfangle
Terra* - Terra

Halfling/Docrae Pantheon
Tilla - Thalia or Tilla properly (maybe the first halfling deity, later abandoned or vanished)

Dragon Pantheon
Chamber (NE) - Pearl (First Pearl Dragon) CE
Insellageth (NG) - The Great Dragon -NG
Tsartha (N) - Opal (First Opal Dragon) - N

FWIW, I do think there were other unknown immortals before the GRoF and there are still some unknown immortals in the present, so some of these may belong to this category. I wouldn't try to find unlikely resemblances between ZGG deities and Mystaran deities just to fit in with what there's in canon, coz Dave Arneson clearly did not want to do that. Better to introduce new immortals if you really have to.

The problem is however, to justify their existence AFTER the GRoF, since there's no trace of them in the known cultures of the outer and inner world. So where are they now? They cannot be ALL vanished, and most certainly NOT because of the GRoF. They were IMMORTALS, not mortals living in Mystara at that time, so it's pretty unlikely they got vaporised in the explosions. Did they die of "faith starvation" (that is, because of lack of followers)? Did they leave Mystara for the Dimension of Myth? Did they enter the Vortex? Did they get lost in other planes? Were they killed by fellow immortals or mortal opponents? Maybe some of this and some of that apply... choose your own cup of tea

This means these would be the Thonian deities:

Thonian Pantheon
Baldin - Baldin (vanished immortal, or u can anticipate Guidarezzo's rise and use him)
Fornaus - Pax
Hersh - Korotiku
Henrin - Henrin
Kadis - Ouranos
Khoronus* - Khoronus
Mwajin - Sinbad (Sinbad's appearance in the Multiverse is not specified, so you can have him appear even earlier than GRoF)
Odir* - Odin
Pacuun - Ixion
Phellia - Valerias
Sacwyhne - Sacwyhne (vanished immortal)
Sollus - Sollus

Now on with the Peshwa.

Peshwa Pantheon
Calelrin (evil) - Demogorgon or Arik
Hadeen (dead) - Hadeen (dead)
Hak - Odin
Raelralataen - Raelralataen (vanished)
Yoosef - Ka

Given the fact Ka is a patron of magic and knowledge as much as of protection, he's the best choice for Yoosef.

Here's the Dwarven and Gnomish pantheon.

Charis - Ka
Koorzun - Kagyar
Dhummon - Dhummon (one of the original dwarven immortals, now extinct)
Gorrim (evil) - Thanatos
Hemgrid - Ouranos
Kela - Kela (later vanished trying to map the Vortex)
Mieroc - Garal or Mieroc (if you suppose Garal wasn't around at that time)
Pathmeer - Ssu-Ma
Shau - Shau (vanished)

About the elves, if we think that they started out worshipping "elemental forces" than maybe some of the choices can be explainable.
However, Dealth is definitely NOT Nyx, since Nyx is interested only in undead and undeath, not the afterlife (undead life is LIFE for Nyx, not the underworld), not even tricks and stealth. Dealth is a different immortal.

Elven Pantheon
Aeros - Elemaster of Air
Dealth - Dealth (perished in the GRoF)
Faunus* - Faunus
Ferros - Kagyar
Fiumarra - Elemaster of Fire
Hydros - Elemaster of Water
Ordana* - Ordana
Sylvian - Ninfangle
Terra* - Terra