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bin Wadi Monastery

by Roger LV Girtman II

bin Wadi monastery (Good): Of all the monastic orders in the Known World, the bin Wadi monastery is certainly the most prestigious and strict. Founded by Ibn bin Wadi, a retired Ylari adventurer, who studied somewhere in the Ochalea islands many years ago, it is nestled high atop a craggy peak deep in the centre of the Black Peak mountains where Darokin, Ylaruam, and Karameikos meet. bin Wadi monks cannot multiclass under any circumstances (not even Prestige Classes). They must always remain fanatically Lawful Good, and commit a vow of poverty. Any wealth and property a bin Wadi monk may acquire is donated to the monastery. In essence, he owns nothing. Even the clothes on his back belong to the monastery and are only loaned to the character.