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Blackmoor languages equivalents

by James Mishler

Here are my equivalents:

Thonian = German (many dialects, Genfisch, the dialect from Geneva, is the "Royal Dialect"); this is the Common Tongue of the Great Kingdom
Mirakosian = Greco-Latin (Vulgate and Ancient forms)
Rizzo, Relaco = Italian
Tenha = Welsh
Kells = Gaelic [Valemen]
Vestlingian = Anglo-Saxon
Skandaharian = Norse (western), Swedish (eastern), Danish (Northern Lords and Rhun)
Frisian = Frisian
Synobian = French (Occitain)
Aquilonian = Norman French [most of the "Thonian" settlers of the Northern Marches are Aquilonians]
Bolgerie = Slavic (many dialects, the dialect of Mohacs is the "common tongue" of Great Bolgerie)
Cirkoshian = Phoenician
Peshwah = Scythian
Patursian = Persian
Salikar = Arabic
Khitains = Khitain (Kusan, Koda, Chulan, Kankiang, Monkai)
Amazons of the Golden Horde = Hungarian
Amazons of the North = Finnish

The Master-caste of the Duchy of the Peaks speak an alien tongue, Xothic; the common folk speak a dialect of Kells with strong Skandaharian influence.