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Broken Lands Hordes

by Greywolf-ELM

Ugoora Redscale-

This female kobold has taken the kobold lands by storm. Once an advisor to Kol, she has taken his place as the leader of kobolds.

She is a smart kobold, and uses every advantage that she can wield over her rivals and enemies.

Rumours abound concerning her and odd happenings under the kobold lands. It has become known that she has come to terms with a tribe of Hill Giants, who now act in concert with her warriors. At her right hand sits her daughter, another subject for rumours entirely.

The idea for her came about from a posting on enworld. The link is a write-up for Ugoora's daughter, which gives some background on both. She seems a little more edgy for the kind of game I'm running.

Some information for plot advancement.

Ugoora Redscale sat pondering her schemes from her throne room in Vuushkek, her fortress city in the underdark of Kol, the kingdom of Kobolds. There have been reports from all holdings across Mystara, except for the new tribe in Darokin lands. Attempts to contact Buimbu, the Sorcerer have been fruitless. Attempts to reach the tribe leader have gone unanswered as well. That sorcerer better not have killed everyone with one of his experiments. His last message was disordered and not the kind of detailed work required of operatives.

"My Queen. I have advanced the schedule for integrating abilities from other races into the Kobold lines. So far I have three strains that are useful, I am sending examples of each to you for further study and breeding if you approve. This facility has increased the yield and shortened experimentation time more than I could have hoped. In a matter of months I can breed you a small army of super-Kobolds. There have been mistakes, but the losses have been acceptable. I have summoned assistance from the beyond. I knew you would not mind. Some of the soldiers are resistant to my needs, and I required unquestioning obedience. In response to your inquiries, I have not seen Tribe Leader Vetnor in days; I hope that he is well. A new batch of the greens is about to hatch, I must return to my work. I will communicate again soon. Your loyal servant, Buimbu"

Making a decision, Ugoora settles back into her throne. "Guard, summon my advisors, I have something to discuss with them."

Mogor Dreadblade-

Mogar is the tribe leader of the Black Thugs tribe. Living in the NorthEast of Blood Orc Horde Territory, he keeps the goblins to the North, Gnolls to the NorthEast, and Kobolds to the East, in check.
Mogor came to power during a challenge to the previous tribal chieftain. He is rumoured to have some Demonic heritage.

Mogor is essentially a brutal thug infamous for his foul temper, murderous rages, and propensity for holding a grudge. He expects deference, and he punishes those who do not display it. But he is also far more crafty and calculating than most people imagine.

Mogar is styled after a levelled Tannaruk from the Forgotten realms campaign setting.

I needed a listing of tribes within the horde to give my players a sense of size and for information to play from. "You are in Black Thug lands right now" , "This is the banner of the Screaming Monkeys, they were killed off...." etc.

The Blood Orc Horde:
Leader: Hoolg Red-Mane
Major Tribes:
Drippin' Blades, Hounds of War
Black Moons, Storm Raiders
Fat Lips, Black Thugs
Bloody Hands, Bone Crushers
Minor Tribes:
Elf Slayers, Vile Runes
Skinheads, Cave Marauders
Deceased or Disbanded Tribes:
Screaming Monkeys - Killed off by Darokin Soldiers
Killer Claws - Killed by Kobold Incursion
Storm Rovers - Killed off by Adventurers
Blood Thorns - Dragon massacre