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Blackrock (Kingdom of)

by Hervé Musseau

Location: Esterhold, continent of Skothar, west of the Jennite Lands, northwest of Minaea.

Capital: Skyfyr (population 15,000).

Area: 100,000 sq. mi.

Population: 60,000.

Language: Alphatian, Jennite.

Coinage: Alphatian Standard.

Taxes: King Xanthus imposes an income tax of 20% on everyone of servant status or higher, customs duties of 2%, and a sales tax of 5%. Later, King Favian imposes an income tax of 20% on everyone and an import tax of 1% (this tax only concerns goods coming from outside the Confederation and does not concern goods from Karameikos due to a trade agreement between that nation and the Confederation); none of it goes to the Imperial Treasury to help the country recover from the war, and the kingdom even receives money and troops from the Council.

Government type: Monarchy until Vatermont, 1013. Then semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire from Vatermont 28, AC 1013 to Yarthmont 23, AC1013, and then part of the Republic of Esterhold.

Industries, Description, Notable Sites, History, Flora and Fauna: See the PWAs.

Important Figures: Xanthus (King of Blackrock), then Favian Vern (King of Blackrock), Kalin (Governor of Blackrock).

Updates for the years 1013 and 1014 AC: In Nuwmont of AC 1013, the combined forces of Seashield and Bellissaria, under the direction of Commander in Chief Broderick, invaded Blackrock on the Esterhold Peninsula. After a month of battle and siege, the forces loyal to Xanthus surrendered to the Alphatians, while King Xanthus escaped to sanctuary in Verdan.
On Vatermont 19 of 1013, the Alphatian Council named Favian Vern King of Blackrock. As his first official act, King Favian declared all Jennite natives of Esterhold free-no longer were they to be slaves or denied Alphatian citizenship. There was much rejoicing in the streets of Skyfyr. Chaos soon followed as the various strata of Blackrock society adjusted to the new order-but King Favian and his appointed government proved themselves equal to each new challenge.
On Yarthmont 23 of 1014, after the fall of Verdan, the Alphatian Council approved King Favian's proposition concerning the Esterhold Peninsula. The Peninsula became the Republic of Esterhold, with a full seat at the Council. It is composed of five provinces, one of those being the Province of Blackrock (provincial capital: Skyfyr), previously a kingdom. Favian Vern was named President of Esterhold until elections could be organized, i.e. until the situation is stabilised. He is charged with appointing temporary governors until the elections; the governor of Blackrock is a former leader of the Jennite rebels, Kalin.

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