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by Robin

Another section of Glantri covered by my 1 mile hex Broken Lands map now in more detail(before and after being destroyed by the Meteor of 1005 AC)
Again without Micky's resources impossible to do.
However, as I try to keep canon as possible, I did implement the Great Meteor impact of 1005AC, but I let it be followed by Micky's idea of Thar invading Glantri...Thar was a strategist in all, and this devastation and the internal and external political problens gave him an open door to enter.

Blackhill, Principality of Glantri

Where two numbers are given these correspond to 1000AC/1014AC.

For approximately the next 150 years the principality was a relative quiet and peaceful area with only minor border skirmishing with the Thyatins to the west, under the rule of the Alphatian Princes of Blackhill. The region was very prosperous and become a leading producer of magically-enhanced vegetables and fruits that became very popular at the capital. The region also became a leading source for livestock and horse. Blackhill also had natural resources in the form of black oil and blackrock which were black stones that burned and were widely used by commoners for heating during the long and often brutal Glantrian winters. The unchecked prosperity and peace of the Principality however was forever shattered with the Great War between Glantri and Alphatia.
In 1005 AC the meteor devastated the region and this was followed by attacks of humanoids far into Glantri.

After 1010 AC

Rebuilding for the principality has been a very long and painful experience. Thar’s invasion was compounded a deadly plague that came to Glantri in AC 1008 that, magnified by the lack of clerical resources and wartime conditions, swept the nation killing several hundred thousand. Prince Volospin’s daughter Thylera was among those killed by plague. The priorities of Glantri during the Great War were defense of the nation and the further expansion and training of the Grand Army, not rebuilding shattered areas, especially those who are related to those of your direct enemies. It wasn’t until the end of the Great War when the Council and Legislature began to consider what to do with the principality. It was a complex issue as the Prince of Blackhill, Volospin Aendyr was reported killed in the last days of the war in a duel with an Alphatian arch-mage. It was long thought that Volospin’s heir to Blackhill would be his son Lathan but in a shocking development a new claimant and potential heir came forward in Dolores Hillsbury who claimed to be the product of a liaison between Volospin and the recently deceased Lady Margaret Hillsbury. Even more shocking was the renouncing of the claim to the principality by Lathan several days later. Dolores was then confirmed by the Council of Princes as the next Princess of Blackhill. 

The last four years have been difficult ones in Blackhill as the original Alphatian makeup of the Principality was nearly destroyed and the makeup of the principality has been changed beyond recognition. New settlers have flooded into the region to help with rebuilding and in hopes of finding a new life. The area has had surges of Fen settlers hoping to find a new Fen homeland and a true Fen leader. They have been disappointed on both counts as Princess Dolores has no interest in creating one, nor being one. The area has also seen waves of Thyatian settlers. The principality has become a mixed ethnicity principality with even, in a shocking display of bad taste to some, humanoids being invited to come to Blackhill and learn to live a domestic civilized life. Rebuilding and immigration into the area continues but still after four years the principality has many many years and lot of hard work to do before it even approaches the grandeur and prosperity of the pre Great War principality. 

There are some important changes to changes to the northern region, formerly being part of Glace Free Province, when officially taken over by Blackhill, which suffered greatly due the impact of the meteor. As thus many inhabitants resettled here. And with Dolores Hillsbury in control, new names are introduced. More about this in the Blackhill section. The Tower of Zorasteria is partially damaged, and she and her cat have fled elsewhere or are dead. A huge black dragon darker then normal attacked the tower, locals tell. The tower of Zorasteria (M9) was typical of the residents of the GFP. Her tower was a typical wizard’s keep, much like the one illustrated in book ‘TSR 9208 - GAZ3 - The Principalities of Glantri.

Area: 1,232 square miles
Population:  27,890/9100
Ethnic groups: AC 1000 – Alphatian 90%, Elf 5%, Others 5%.
AC 1014 – Alphatian 35%, Caurenzans 30%, Fen 15%, Humanoid 10%, Other 10%
Languages: AC 1000 – Alphatian, Thyatian common, due to large mix of ethnicities it was ordered by Princess Dolores that Thyatian common would be the official language
Ruler:  AC 1000 – Prince Aendyr Volospin AC 1014 – Princess Dolores Hillsbury
House: Silverston
Food: AC 1000 - Surplus food, exported throughout Glantri. AC 1014 – Self sufficient
Economics:  Prior to the Great War Blackhill was a leading producer of fruits, vegetables, horses and cattle. Lucrative natural resources such as oil, and blackstone provided the principality with lots of trade revenue. Since the end of the Great War extraction and explotation of its natural resources has been slow to restart. The horse and cattle industries were destroyed with near total losses to both during Thar’s invasion. Only fruit and vegetable production has fully restarted and are used primarily for trade and consumption within the principality, production of the magically enhanced varieties has only restarted in the last year. 

Eriadna/Dolorosyn 4950’ altitude (5500/200) Eriadna was the heartbeat of economic and social life in Blackhill situated where the Huledain River meets the Red River. It was the entry point for nearly all visitors and trade from the east coming from Glantri City, Nyra, and Erendyl over the Potiorek Bridge spanning the Huledain River. Eriadna had a large river port handling traffic going up and down the Red River. Eriadna had the most concert halls per capita of any town or city in Glantri prior to the destruction of the town in AC1007. The most famous was the Musisal, the world famous design by IM Sky, the famous mainland Alphatian architect who spent 5 years in Blackhill overseeing its completion in AC 910. 
Today (1014 AC) little is left but rubble from the old town of Eriadna. In AC 1012 Princess Dolores helped secure a grant from the Glantrian Parliament to begin rebuilding on the site of Eriadna. Clearing the rubble and preparing the site for rebuilding took nearly a year to complete. Construction of a brand new town started the next year and is said to reflect the priorities of the Princess and not only be the center of commerce that it once was, but also a major defensive strongpoint. Construction of the defensive works is expected to take at least one more year. Once completed it is expected that Princess Dolores will rename the town. Some new settlers have moved into newly constructed tenements and started new businesses but it will likely be many years before Eriadna regains its prominence economically.
The town is renamed Dolorosyn, but the population keeps naming it Eriadna, so the new name would probably wont last long.
Volnay 5800’altitude (2500/3500). While Eriadna was the cultural and economic center of life in the principality, Volnay was the political and military center of life in Blackhill. A strongly built town with high walls and stout defensive works it was home to the military garrisons that policed the principality as well as being the traditional seat of the seneschal of the principality when one was appointed by the ruling Prince of Blackhill. Very little of the town was given to cultural interests other than a few concert halls mandatory of any Blackhill settlement. Given its position on the trade route west it had a thriving trade quarter but the rest of the town was given to military and support functions. Severely damage by the impact quake of the meteor, but recently rebuild and restored. Many survivors relocated here.
Today (1014AC) Volnay is home to 90% of the surviving Alphatian population of the principality and has now become the leading economic and cultural centre of the principality and has grown in size as new settlers come into the principality. Expansion of Volnay took priority over the clearing and reconstruction of Eriadna and among the first priorities was construction of a suitable port to handle river trade. Finished in AC 1012, the new port quarter has many berths for river boats and a large warehouse district.

Silverston 6100’/(900/0) is a large village/small town located close to the estate of the Prince of Blackhill. Silverston was the home of the Aendyr family since AC 801, and the seat of power in the principality since AC 829. A large town grew around the estate providing services to the estate and growing into a economic power in it’s own right due to the large deposits of blackrock found in the area. The village is obliterated in the meteor impact of 1005AC, and the upheaval of the ground. Remnants of the village are found several miles north.
Karburan 6000’/6100’ altitude (600/0) is a large village located 16 miles south of Volnay and is a major collection point for locally grown vegetables. Mainly destroyed by the impact quake of the meteor.
Trintillia 5650’/5700’altitude (300/0) services the large cattle breeding farms 12 miles to the northeast of Silverston.
Lourina; 5500’/5700’altitude (200/150) is located in the heart of Blackhills’ cattle country 20 miles northwest of Silverston. Lourina is newly rebuilt on the site of where the old Fen village stood before being destroyed in AC 1007.
Sydylys 5000’altitude (500/15) is a large village along the Red River, halfway between Volnay and Eriadna, and is the center of the horse breeding industry in Blackhill. Mainly destroyed by the impact quake of the meteor, with reasonable amount of survivors, only a few have returned here.
Coalton;  6520’/6650’ altitude (185/0). This forested area is used for logging and digging up Browncoal. Mainly destroyed by the impact quake of the meteor. The Coalton woods are now a dead forest haunted by the spirits of the dead.
Laterus (0/300) is a major new Thyatian settlement on the site of the old town of Silverston. It is a walled village with two towers within. One military, the other mage. Several Mines are nearby.
Somerset (0/150) is a newly built Fen village and is 1 mile south of the ruins of Karburan, against the wall of the craters pushed edge.
Urkkahg 7000’altitude (0/100) is a village under construction near the ruins of Trintillia and is to be the first permanent humanoid settlement within the old AC 1000 borders of Glantri.
Fontegreca 5200’altitude (0/100) is a newly built Alphatian farming village near the ruins of Sydylys.
Arken; 7250’altitude Forcefully abandoned village since the Silverston Aendyr Estate came to be.
After 1010AC political relocation
Concorezzo altitude 5100’(134/412) is a small village approximately 32 miles southwest of Hightower, just north of the Red River and connected to the Ferry there. The village has been completely rebuilt after being destroyed during Thar’s invasion. The village serves the isolated homesteads and towers that dot the barren hills of the Free Province.
Bartertown; Altitude 6500’ (125/210) provide basic services for the isolated homesteads and towers of the region.
Omocheck Altitude 5325’ (141/199) provide basic services for the isolated homesteads and towers of the region.
There are some other smaller settlements, with less than 100 residents in the region. 

Red River (Celon Caran) The 200-430 feet wide Red river is navigable along it’s whole length along the northern edge of Erewan. The elves of Erewan, have altered the course of this river by using the principle of Darokinian river dikes (summer (low dikes to keep the course of the river as desired) and the Winter dikes (to prevent flooding) to form the Current Red River. The Red River have reed covered shores and as such reed roofed houses are common along this river, in the city and beyond
The Red River is navigable along its lengths along the edges of Erewan and are heavily used for commerce and transportation. Many ferries croos this river.
Huledain River From Huledain Creek to Red River/1014 AC Muddy dried basin, or totally destroyed. Lower section renamed Huledain creek The Huledain river, formed the eastern boundary of the principality was navigable only up to the village (ruins of in AC 1014) of Huledain.
Coal Creek; Northern and Southern well in Coal Hills to Red River. West Border of Blackhill 1014 From Crater Hills to Red River
Blackhill Creek From Northern Blackhills to Red River/ 1014 AC From North Silver Wall to Red River
Bozo Creek; From Eastern Blackhills to Huledain River. Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Trintillia Creek; From Northern Blackhills to Lourina Creek / 1014 AC From North Silver Wall
Lourina Creek; From Eastern Blackhills to Red River / 1014 AC From Northeastern Silver Wall
Estate Creek; From Southern Blackhills to Huledain River. Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Taphnay creek from Hot Springs in Hills  north of Huledain Creek into Wylon Creek. Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Torpen Creek; From Northern Blackhills to Blackhill Creek, Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Deva Creek; From Western Blackhills to Taphnay Creek Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Arken Creek; From Southern Blackhills to Huledain River. Totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Huledain Creek; From several brooks from Mount Urbaal, Mount Permisse, Mount Huledain, and Mount Kazzock  into Huledain River,1014 AC From Eastern Silver Wall and several wells in Huledain Hills to Red River. Original Source totally destroyed in 1005 AC by Meteor.
Wylon Creek from Mount Taafnen to Red River/. 1014 AC from Fountain Broknag Tower and wells on the Silver Wall
After 1010 AC political relocation
Marmelade Creek; From Lake Hightower to Red River. Widens the last 5 miles to 600’width, but depth 1-4 feet only. Border Hightower/New Blackhill
Primos Creek; From Mount De Glace to Red River.
Secundos Creek From Mount De Glace to Red River.
Tertios Creek; From the Hills to red River
Quartos Creek: From the Hills to red River
Quintos Creek; From the Hills to red River
Sexto creek; From Mount De Glace to Red River. Border Glace Free Province/New Blackhill

The Red river Trail; A good trail exists between Volnay and Eriadna which continues past Volnay to Lizzieni in the Principality of Caurenze. 
A fair trails lead from Silverston to Eriadna, and from Volnay to Karburan (Somerset in AC 1014)
The Blackhill Trail passes through the County from the South-east, reaching the main village from Silverston then stretching North-east towards Blackhill again. 
Eriadna Ferry; 1 wagon ferry. 1 sp/leg-wheel. Secondary trail to GFP/New Blackhill. After 1014 AC Main Trail to New Blackhill; 2 wagon ferry. 3 sp/leg-wheel.
Concorezzo Ferry; 1 wagon ferry. 1 sp/leg-wheel. Secondary trail to GFP/New Blackhill After 1014 AC Main Trail to New Blackhill; 2 wagon ferry. 3 sp/leg-wheel. 
Numerous small poorly maintained trails link the small communities, and beyond the region. Some are eroded away or taken over by nature after not using them.

Notable Sites
Silverstone Estate; The Aendyr estate was a vast, majestic complex covering 100’s of acres. The estate encompasses a Blackhill Shrine, the abandoned village of Arken, and the Aendyr Castle. All of which is now gone. Several 40'tall white albast statues of current and former residents of name (and hence importance) are set up along the border. There is a rumor that these are all stone Golems. Though possible, it is far from the Truth, just a carefully spread rumor to prevent theft and spies (especially from Wylon.)
Blackhill Shrines; actually Alphatian religious Shrines. Officiall not in use anymore, and even the statues of the various Alphatian Immortals have been removed and destroyed. The structure itself remained however, and the locals continue to make minor visits and rituals within here. Both shrines can imbue a Protection from Evil effect on those making a ritual or a small sacrifice. The Glantrian Princes accept this, as it seems to be magical instead of clerical.
Crystals of Taphnay Creek; These crystals are only a few inches in length, but are desired for their capability to store magic. Mostly they are used in the manufacture of Rods, Staves and wands, but sometimes even for other items of magic. There is some harvesting by Blackhill residents, and regular theft from Wylon. The area is dangerous to mages, as any spell cast here is sucked into the crystals, any active magic too. But trying to memorize spells can wipe the brain of a mage clean, as if he never acquired the magical knowledge, and thus must relearn them all.
Crystals of Arken creek; The crystals growing here are needle sharp, and cover a vast area of nearly a mile diameter. The magic these crystals give is enhancing damage. As thus they are harvested from the border of the field, (but the greater crystals are deeper within) and used in the creation of magical weapons with cutting or piercing ability. The area is dangerous, as the crystals are thin and very sharp. Any crystal touched (and that is 90% each round within the area) will give a wound of 1 to 5 hp damage, but an additional 25% chance it breaks off and keeps the wound open and bleeding at the same rate, nullifying healing magic as long as the crystal is within the wound. When merged with steal these crystals enable weapons to become a +1 or greater weapon in damage and hit. The crystals on the edge of the area are 1 hp, about 200 feet deeper within they are larger (2hp), and at 50% from the centre 3hp, near the centre 4hp, and the centre itself 5hp. One hp crystal is valued at 100 gp needing 5 hits at AC9 to break off the ground in a whole crystal, and weighs 25cn. A 2hp is 200 gp value, needs 10 hits vs AC7, weighing 30cn, A 3hp is 400 gp value, needs 15 hits vs AC5, weighing 35cn, A 4hp is 800 gp value, needs 20 hits vs AC3, weighing 40cn, A 5hp is 1600 gp value, needs 30 hits vs AC1, weighing 35cn.