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Boulder Rugby

by Robin

Scouring through Glantri, north of the Dependance building and Chamery (Located; 9 miles east of Les Hiboux, (about 70 miles NW of Glantri City).), I discovered something strange.

Just north of the garden is a 200’ diameter pond, within a 300’ to 350’ dish-shaped stone surface. This was a natural morene plate of stone, deposited here by the Glaciers aeons ago. It has been eroded over time by glaciers, and then exposed to the weather, but also by the usage of the following spell into its current dish-like shape. This area is used by mages to battle by mental strength. There is a single smooth indestructible lead containing granite boulder in the middle of the stone pond of 9655cn. Two sides of 25% of the pool are colored with magic; green and yellow.

Push------------------415 AC by Bartholomew De Groote
2nd level Conjuration spell
Effect:------------------Pushes 10.000cn 1d4+1 feet per level away
Saving Throw:---------None
Reading time----------6
Casting Time;---------4
This spell pushes any heavy but movable object, of a weight of up to 10.000cn (+1000cn per Physical Strength point) in the direction the caster implies. He must touch the object and move his hands 1’ in the opposite direction the object needs to be pushed. From this position a slowly (1feet/round) growing force will be created with a total length of (1d4+1’)+1’ per level of the caster, that will keep pushing until the total amount of material pushes is more than 10.000cn, or is obstructed by immovable objects. The caster can’t stop the pushing before the maximum length is reached except by making the total amount of pushed material heavier than 10.000cn or placing another Push spell directly opposite the first created. Any object pressed by two or more push spells or something immovable must save vs. Crushing blow each round the pushing functions, or break in several pieces.

If the object is a large and sturdy boulder of 5’ to 9’, casters of push spells can compete against eachother. One way to do this they all touch the boulder, cast and apply the spell as normal, mostly in another direction as the others. Each caster has to calculate his willpower (Int+wis+level) and his physical strength (Str+Con). The willpower is the amounts of rounds the oush spell can be sustained. The physical strength is used against the others. Roll a 1d20, add the Physical Strength of the caster. Do the same for the opponent; the higher number wins. For each additional opponent a penalty of 10% of the physical strength of the opponents is added who are perpendicular to the caster, and 25% for any who is diagonally opposed. And a 25% is substracted for any opponent within the 90 degrees angle of the caster. The loser is the one which the boulder comes towards. Thus is repeated until no opponents capable of casting another Push spell are available or one remains standing. This version is called Boulder Rugby.

The other way is a group game if up to 4 members gaming against another team. They all have memorized as much push spells as possible. They all try to get the boulder on the side of the other team (A 25% opposing side of the gaming area). The game lasts until no push spells can be cast.The winner is the one with the most boulders on the other side. This version is called Boulder Target.
In Glantri several of these arena game spots exist. Most are stone or sand beds, of 100’ to 250’ diameter, sometimes they are stone beds, or depressions with water. Keep in mind anyone becoming hit by a boulder will take 3d6 damage and 1d3 breaks (mostly in the legs—unless really falling awkwardly). There have been recorded deaths. Anyone desiring to attend is allowed to learn this spell beforehand. The skill spell combination is also handy to have more of these spells on hand.

Author; The Push spell is a by me adapted, adjusted altered to BECMI version of the AD&D2 spell Push, which was mentioned in the GKoM.
If you have any suggestions to improve this game idea...please tell..I do not know much on sports, and I like to improve this idea...It seemed really fun to me. And it is a 'harmless' way for mages to compete (accidents not withstanding )