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The Bleak League

by Christian Constantin


The Bleak League is the biggest and best organized criminal syndicate of the Hulean Empire. This organisation is the heir of an old Antasynian thieves guild based in Leqan. It would probably have stayed a small underground association of Antasynians scum if it hasn't been of Leke "The Sloth", a wurmling who took over the guild's hierarchy in 893 AC. This wurmling as first organized the guild as a major actor throughout the Converted Lands by defeating most of his opponents and taking over their own organisations. He has built a military-like organisation with officers, troops, goal and strategy. His entire underground Empire already stretched his tentacles to every lucrative activity when the Master took contact with Leke in 963 AC.

When they first met, the two leaders knew that they would be in constant conflict if they were not to strike a deal fixing the border of each other realm. After days of intense negotiations, the two reached an agreement delimiting their own sphere of activity: the Master promised to Leke the exclusivity of all organized criminal activities in the Empire and grant the wurmling the title of Bey of Leqan; in exchange, Leke accepted to give a portion of its revenues to the Empire and provided the Master with the use of his criminal network for intelligence purpose. According to the deal, an emissary of the Master was sent to Leqan and a representative of Leke Bey was assigned to Greatrealm, each were supposed to assure permanent contact between the two leaders, but also they gather information about each other's activities. Since this deal, Leke has been able to expand his underground empire to all the Hulean empire and even beyond in the Savage Coast, Kavkaz and the City States.

Hierarchy of the League

The structure of the Bleak League follows a pyramidal patter. The top of the organisation, is composed of a small council headed, of course, by Leke Bey. Each of the council's member is himself at the top of a regional pyramid. Each regional sub-organisation is named a wing, they are semi-autonomous but must follow broad guidelines set by the Head. Each leader of a wing is also a member of the council. The wings are composed of smaller local criminal or semi-legal organisations called pawns in the League nomenclature. Those are the one in charge of everyday activities. Each of them is autonomous in its territory but must obey the orders of the council and respect the internal rules when trying to develop new activities or territories.

Conflicts between wings or between pawns are common and they concern territory attribution in most of the cases. When a solution to a dispute can't be negotiated at local or regional level, it is up to the council to impose a settlement. A pawn or wing leader who doesn't abide to a council decision is most likely to receive the highest punition: death.

In case a pawn or wing leader disappears, the council chooses who will replace the leader. Usually, it's a close lieutenant or at least someone of the region. In the extreme cases when Leke Bey isn't satisfied by anybody in the local organisation, someone from the outside maybe appointed to replace the former head. Leke Bey also has the power to form new wings. Normally, to do so he grants the status to a well-established family or to someone who has proved his loyalty. This happens in rare occasions and the council has no power to oppose this kind of decisions, or any other, made by the wurmling.

The Head in Leqan:
Leke Bey "The Sloth" (14HD wurmling), head of the League
Gülçin Kasapoglu (C17, of Bozdogan), emissary of the Master

Abas "Swiftfingers" Strakosha (T28), right hand of Leke Bey

Pjerin "The Mule" Nuhiji (F27), captain of Leke's private guard

Bozsidàn Hrutka (M23), Leke's special adviser

The Council
Artan "Digger" Kiuprili (T24), Head of the Bylot Wing
Ugron "Twolives" Czobor (T28), Head of the Kereçul Wing

Corina "The Mistress" Iagar (T26), Head of the Bradjina Wing

Durukan "The Marmureg Tiger" Soylu (T30), Head of the Marmureg Wing

Nazöm "The Pestilent" (Orc16), Head of the Gulf Wing

Mahzun "Ratbone" Zafer (T24), Head of the Khuur Wing

Bashkim "The Boar" Velo (T22), Head of the Rosin Wing

Piyan "The Sheep" Waqar (T28), Head of the Halli Wing

Eznik "Blackblade" Deghtsunian (T32), Head of the Kavkaz Wing

Sayed "Goldfeathers" Kharsay (officially T25, but 19HD gold dragon), Head of the Northern Wing

The Wings
Bylot Wing:
Headquarter: "The Lucky Vein Tavern" in Zar

Guild master: Artan "Digger" Kiuprili (T24)

Principal pawns: Krexjà "The Happy Maiden" Tzeka (T15), Head of The Shadow Guild in Chetniu; Sokol "Goldeater" (Goblin 11), Chief of the Sokol's Raiders" in the southern Bylot Hills; Kogor Markare (Dwarf 10), Head of the Zainovoi illegal mining colonies; Fisnik Thaxhi (F13), Head of the border patrol of Zervar;

Posture: The Bylot Wing is among the most loyal wings, it is tightly monitored by Abas "Swiftfingers" Strakosha, the closest lieutenant of Leke Bey, who was the Wing's former head. Now, Artan "Digger" Kiuprili is trying to get a little more breathing space from is former patron but will refrain from any frontal attack against Leke's right hand. This wing once was in open conflict with the Bradjina Wing over the control of Chetniu, but Leke Bey entrusted the Bylot Wing with the control of the cities illegal activities in 993, a decision that is still badly felt by Corina "The Mistress" Iagar.

Activities: This Wing's profits derive principally from the exploitation of illegal mining sites and from the protection of the legal ones. Another important source of revenue is the administration of numerous small casinos and brothels around the mining towns and in Chetniu. Distinctive Feature: A rune tattooed at the back of the neck

Kereçul Wing:

Headquarter: The underground complex under the ruins of the Antasynian royal palace in Debredladany

Guild master: Ugron "Twolives" Czobor (T28)

Principal pawns: - Bànos "By the Book" Szokefaguy (T18), head of the thieves guild of Pusztòk; Istok "Rawbeard" Pandy (T15), chief of the Ratpack in Szkçarlit; Nexhmije "The Black Rose" Hisari (T17), head of the Prijderel thugs; Csepel Snowlion (M16), chief of the Oroul tribe; Zeki "Ironmouth" Gencebay (T18), head of the Kolköy connection; Byrta "The Bastard" Ohran (F17), chief of the Tiò Raiders

Posture: The Kereçul wing, also known as the "Monzag Bandits", has just been recently granted full autonomy. Before, the pawns of Leke Bey in Monzag were divided between the Bylot Wing and the Rosen Wing. But since many local organisations were out of the reach of the Bleak League, Leke Bey decided to strike a deal with Debredladany's guild master, Ugron "Twolives" Czobor, giving him a much wider area to rule for the profit of the League. Since then, Ugron is a close ally of Leke Bey. Despite his animosity toward the Master who nearly killed him when he was young, Ugron accepts to give information about the rebels of northern Monzag. He hopes, however that somebody will destroy the Master one day even though he wouldn't risk getting involved in such a scheme.

Ugron's alliance with a Sendaryan chief is of great value for the Master, since he may use this tribe to attack the others thus diverting them from attacking the northern possession of his Empire. In exchange, Ugron is allowed to ask for a special tax on any caravan going through his territory.

Activities: The main resources of this wings come from the taxes levied on the commercial activities taking place around the Northern Military Road. Another major source of revenues is the racket industry in the five major cities that the Wing controls (Prijderel, Debredladany, Pusztòk, Szekçarlit and Kolkoy). Finally, a small surplus come from the illegal trading in furs with the Sendaryan tribes and the raids on remote villages around the Tiò River.

Distinctive Feature: Left hand's little finger is amputated

Bradjina Wing:
Headquarter: The Fishermen's Corporation Headquarter in Dishinau

Guild master: Corina "The Mistress" Iagar (T26)

Principal pawns: - Cincinel "One Arrow" Trelles (T20), head of the Umbrar Corporatie in Miriestiu; Aarag Stoneclaws (9HD Hill Giant), leader of the Lotev Hill Band; Gorroz Tornfeet (Orc 14), captain of the Hulean garrison in Irdzhygrad; Count Vulko Batchev (nosferatu, M21), head of the undead fief of Vrancea in the Hills; Oktav Marga (F6, merchant 14), Head of the Negustor Corporatie

Posture: The Bradjina Wing once was a autonomous criminal organisation standing on Bulzan's corporations system, only recently has it been integrated in Leke's underground empire (in 987). To subjugate the independent organisation, Leke's thugs have had to kill the head of the Shadow corporation, Adrian Kobori, who also was Corina's secret lover. She hasn't forget about Leke's order but has avoided truth from getting to the ears of the wurmling. Only, two "living" beings know about the verity: Count Batchev and Cincinel Trelles. The first prefer to keep the secret since he shares the same hate against the League's boss, the second is planning to use the secret at the right time to take Corina's place in the League's hierarchy.

Currently the relations of this wing with the rest of the Bleak League are cold at best. The loss of Chetniu to the Bylot Wing has been felt like a major reversal and many believe that Leke's power has been built on the ruins of the once mighty Shadow Corporation of Bulzan. Any kind of means is good to undermine the League's power. Among those is the secret alliance between Corina and the Olgarian rebels, which she help with information and intelligence countermeasures against the Master. She hopes that once the Master will be down, Leke will follow short. She also encourages Gorroz Tornfeet to pressurised as most as possible the city of Irdzhygrad so that the local population's hate of the Huleans will be increased.

The wing is always in a state of semi conflict with its closest neighbours. First, even though the question of Chetniu's status has been settled, the Bradjina Wing still claim it. Also, their is a rampant conflict between the Wing and its eastern neighbour, the Marmureg Wing, which would like to have sole control over Olgar's criminal milieu.

Activities: The Bradjina Wing gets its revenues from many sources. Owning the mighty Umbrar and Negustor Corporations guarantees a regular flow of money inside the Wing's chests. The wing also own many inns, tavern, brothels, and banks in Olgar and Antasyn. The Wing also controls most of the humanoid raiders of the Yazak Steppes' edges through alliance with some of their chiefs. In addition, all the fishermen of the Rockwater Marsh pay a special "protection" tax to their syndicate. Another source of income is somewhat unknown to the rest of the League, since Count Batchev has his own network of alliances with other prominent undead of the Savage Coast, some trade in magical components and human parts is ignored by the Head of the League. However, some agents of "The Marmureg Tiger" have been reported to investigate this trade, if they find that some criminal activities of the Wing aren't reported, it may trigger another round of conflict inside the League.

Distinctive Feature: Extensive tattoos of dragons or tigers in their back

Marmureg Wing:

Headquarter: "The Castle of Karçij" in the Janizary Lands

Guild master: Durukan "The Marmureg Tiger" Soylu (T30)

Principal pawns: - Tzanko Paskalev (T22), head of the Kulnovo's Daggers; Ponce "Torero" Linares (F23), Leader of Los Banditos de La Pineda; Toder "The Traitor" Ginchev (T16), Viscount of Bartsja; Durrak "Big Belly" (Goblin 13), chief of the Bayatgal Raiders; Xavier "The Rapier" Marreras (T24), head of the thieves guild of Ciudad Morales; Fadôl "Sneak" Çandarli (T22), master of the Iskilü Demons

Posture: The Wing's leader is the kind of lone wolf who always have been able to achieve what he wanted to without the help of anyone. He had federated most of the actual wing's possession by himself years before Leke took contact with his organisation. However, Durukan knew that, alone, he was no match for the League, so he decided to accept Leke Bey's control over his activities, silently wishing to find allies once inside the League. What he has found, though, was more enemies than allies. His wing was rapidly confronted to the Bulzanians of the Shadow Corporation, who already had bought out the Olgarian orcs, thus dividing the control over Olgar's territory. Since then, The Marmureg Tiger has tired to plea his point in front of Leke Bey, who prefer to see this wing's power getting out of hand. Another conflict arose when Nazöm "The Pestilent" founded his own wing independent of the Khuur wing. Problems over the repartition of the control over the Gulf of Hule's pirates appeared and are still to be solved, even though, the Marmureg Wing has lost most of its fleet to the Texeiran navy.

Currently, this wing is secretly trying to expand is influence further south along the Savage Coast. The local thieves guild of Ciudad de Leon and Boa Mansão are already under the wing's influence. Leke Bey keeps a close eyes on this evolution, even though Durukan Soylu, the wing's head, is trying to expand without his approval.

Activities: Most of the wing's income come from the control of the Southern Military Road linking Hule and Olgar: a high toll is required to pass through the Viscounty of Bratsja. Also, the Wing is involved in some smuggling activities through the Ksars' tunnels. Besides the traditional racket, prostitution and gambling in the cities of Iskilü, Ciudad Morales and Kulnovo, the wing regularly raids the neighbouring villages of the Savage Coast.

Distinctive Feature: A black cloak with red lining

Gulf Wing:

Headquarter: Galibolü Orcish Reserve

Guild master: Nazöm "The Pestilent" (Orc16)

Principal pawns: - Gökay "Ironheart" Basgil (T22), head of the Basgil family in Azurun; Zeren "Blackbeard" Tural (F18), head of Boyazka's pirates; Mucip "The Humble Lord" Basgil (T16), Yenigaz's guild master; Mehe'rizar Shinerrettin (goatmen patriarch), head of the Yehemehertarr clan near Budavik; Radan Vlidanovic (T16), head of the bank of Zagora and Nova-Svoga

Posture: The Gulf Wing was created by Leke Bey in a move to thwart the Khuur and Marmureg wings growing influence. It has been given to Nazöm "The Pestilent" to give the Master the impression that his "men" had a word to say in the League's businesses. However, the true power in this wing lies in the hands of the Basgil family. A tightly knit Hulean clan who manage most of the criminal activities in southern Hule. This family has a long history of blood feud with the Zafer family of Khuur and they were never able to work together even under the wurmling's rule. Now that they are in different wings their conflict are less frequent, but the animosity can still be felt.

The Gulf Wing is trying to expand its activity on both shores of the Gulf of Hule but it has to avoid open confrontation with the Marmureg Wing, even though, they are increasingly in competition for the rich Guilds of the Savage Coast.

The current situation of this wing, locked between two hostile and bigger wings, make them totally loyal to Leke Bey whom they need to survive. Actually, the Basgil family is probably the most reliable group of thieves that "The Sloth" has found in southern Hule.

Activities: The Basgils are the lords of the docks in all the Hulean ports, they control and racket most of the ports' commercial activities. Also, with their ally, Zeren "Blackbeard" Tural, they can control much of the freight going through the northern part of the Gulf of Hule. Finally, the Wing protect and harbour many humanoids raiders of the southern Black Mountains; in exchange, these groups pay a part of the bounty they plunder in the City-States' hinterland.

Distinctive Feature: Ear and nose piercing

Khuur Wing:

Headquarter: Khuur's Catacombs

Guild master: Mahzun "Ratbone" Zafer (T24)

Principal pawns: - Ayfer "The Fairy" Uzunoglü (T18), head of Duskilü's Guild; Vedat "Stick" Zafer (M17), head of the Zafer family in Jandak; Tosun "Lighthead" Zafer (T15), head of the Zafer family in Jehrom; Gazrad "Scimitar" Koorzar (Orc 12), chief of the Black Scimitars band near Nuzayre in the Black Mountains; Ejder "The Minion" Çölasan (C16, of Talitha), head of the Assassin Syndicate in Jandak

Posture: The Khuur Wing, also known as the Zafer family, has a long tradition in Hule underground businesses. It has been at the head of most of the criminal operations at least since the Master's takeover of the Empire. Since then it has been loyal to him and only him. However, it was part of the deal passed between the Master and Leke Bey that this great family should obey to the wurmling's order instead of being on their own. Since then the family has accepted the Master's will but still try to remain as autonomous as possible. However, The Sloth is trying to do all he can to curb this family's independence. His latest plot has been to have the youngest member of the family, Tosun Zafer, magically subjugated. Young Tosun is now climbing rapidly in the Wing's hierarchy, and, strangely, his closest parents are all dying from unexplained reasons.

The Master sees his special ties with this family as the best way to monitored Leke Bey's activities, this is in part why he has put one his most dangerous man, Ejder Çölasan, at the service of the Zafer Family. This is also why the control of the commercial transit through The Great Pass is at the hand of the family through their control of the Black Scimitars' orcs.

The Khuur Wing is strongly opposed to the Gulf Wing because it harbours the rival Basgil family, it also has had some territorial disputes with the Rosin Wing even though they are at peace right now. The family has strong ties with the Halli Wing with whom they share the profits coming from the control of the Hule to Sind road.

Activities: The families revenues come from many legal, semi-legal and clandestine activities. They are involved in trade, smuggling, gambling, prostitution, banking, racket, production of cloth and glassware, murder, protection; in brief, everything that can bring quick profits might be of interest to them. One of the most paying activity still is the racket and plundering of the caravans at the exit of the Great Pass.

Distinctive Feature: A rune tattooed inside of the right ear

Rosin Wing:

Headquarter: Cirkara's Necropolis

Guild master: Bashkim "The Boar" Velo (T22)

Principal pawns: - Meryem "Laura" Coskun (T15), chief of Seyvan's Minstrel of the Night; Ulugh "Crow" Saglam (T18), Magden's guild master; Yurtsev "Loneshadow" Arikan (F18), chief of the Gree River Bandits; Feriha "Velvet Sword" Birand (T14), head of Gölayam's underground society; Yonça "The Black Sister" Killiç (C26, of Korotiku), head of the Underground Temple of Korotiku in Karsun, Eivanjan and Karsile

Posture: This wing is pretty recent if compare with most of Hule's old families. It has been created by Leke Bey to curb the power of the Zafer family. This wasn't done easily however, many succession and territorial wars have taken place before the current guild masters found their way to the top. Most of this wing higher hierarchical ranks are filled with younger thief who own most of what they to Leke's will. Accordingly they are, at first sight loyal to the wurmling and to his representative, Artan "Digger" Kiuprili. This is, however, the first impression that these young wolves give to the rest of the League and many of them have greater ambition than staying mere pawns under the order of an Antasyinian leader.

Accordingly, many of them are looking outside their wing to forge secret alliances with other wings, principally with the Zafer family. Also, Eznik "Blackblade" Deghtsunian, of the Kavkaz wing has been known to do some recruitment among the lower ranks of the wing's acolyte, a situation, which has, more than once, nearly degenerated into an open conflict between the two wings.

The Rosin Wing is currently at peace with most of its neighbours, even though its strongest neighbours are plotting to divide it into several sphere of influence if not direct control.

The Rosin Wing as few direct contacts with the Master and they prefer to avoid the Holy Men since they are clearly closer to the Zafer family than to the young and since some of them have strong ties with the banished cult of Korotiku.

Activities: This wing's activities are under a long process of reconstruction. Years of destructive internal conflicts have left the guilds without to much underground infrastructures left. New criminal networks are to be established, new recruits are to be trained and new communication links are to be set. Only the Temple of Korotiku currently brings some profits in exchange of the Bleak League's protection. Leke Bey is working hard to give the wing more financial autonomy and to build back profitable activities.

Distinctive Feature: A spider tattooed on the left hand

Halli Wing:
Headquarter: The ruins of Chudrapandra's palace south of the Kesret Oases in the Sind Desert

Guild master: Piyan "The Sheep" Waqar (T28), chief of the Kesret Camels

Principal pawns: Aamir "Red Dune" Rana (F15), chief of the Desert Pirates; Mudasar "Gerbil" Sajjad (T19), head of the Sajjad clan; Rizwan "Threearms" Younis (F23), head of the Younis clan

Posture: The halli wing is one of the smallest wing of the Bleak League. It is more a collection of brigands of the Sind desert than an organized crime syndicate. But, since their chiefs have found ground for mutually beneficial agreements with Leke Bey, they have accepted to give a little portion of their revenue to the League. Albeit, the control of Leke Bey remains mainly honorific in the region, his allies of the desert, respectful of the desert's customs, will never betray their given word as long as the wurmling respect his own engagements.

This wing is among the most useful for the Master's intelligence operation since it can provide cover for the Master's agents almost everywhere in Sind.

Activities: Most of the activities of this wing are legal under the desert rule, but would be outlawed in most "civilised" country. Their profits come mainly from the bounty taken during raids against the caravans travelling from Sind to Hule or Slagovich.

Distinctive Feature: Urduk desert nomads

Kavkaz Wing:
Headquarter: The Sole Tower in Azkoran

Guild master: Eznik "Blackblade" Deghtsunian (T32), Head of the Kavkaz Wing

Principal pawns: Varuzhan "The Black Monk" Trozian (Mystic 13), head of the Poisoners Guild in Ienizvan; Zviad "Hellhound" Chikradze (T18), chief of the Chikradze clan in Houriani; Kamarnik "Kamo" Sezer (F15), leader of the Mountains Skulls in southern Azardjian; Haykush "The Lone Mage" Bozinian (M23), head of the School of Thaumaturgical Arts in Sabirdebi; Ghamil Saviniev (T16), Member of the Eight in Erdnidze; Irfan "Red Turban" Fadarkan (F18), chief of the Fadarkan family in Bjukhra; Yurdagül "The Widow" Cömert (T22), head of the thieves guild in Erzmin

Posture: Once one of Leke Bey fiercest enemies, Eznik Deghtsunian is now one of his closest allies. The two of them have sign a truce in 996 AC, and, since then, their relations is cloudless in appearance. In fact, the wurmling will never trust his former adversary, but, for the moment, he finds this cooperation beneficent and doesn't own the power basis in Kavkaz necessary to oust the Dvinzinaian from his leading position. From Eznik's point of view, his agreement with The Sloth was only a tactical move, his strategic interest lie into the hands of Remindan, a Kyurduk leader who has swear to destroy the Master and Hule power. Eznik see in this man an opportunity to increase his own power if Hule is ever to crumbled. He is looking forward to take over Leke's organisation in a post-Master Midlands.

The cooperation between Eznik and Remindan isn't known to anyone beside them, in fact, in 1000 AC, few have even heard of Remindan or of his quest. The Master has seen the inclusion of the Kavkasian Wing into the Bleak League as an effective way to monitor the political evolution of the Black Mountains' countries. The Master haven't been able to find any charges against Eznik and the Holy Men see him as a reliable instrument of power in the region.

Most of the relations between the Kavakaz Wing and the rest of the Bleak League are peaceful. Only with the Rosin Wing did the Kavkazians have had some dispute over the status of Erzmin. It is also said that problems have aroused between them and the Northern Wing, but if these rumours are right, then, the dispute were settled locally and didn't involve Leke Bey's intervention.

Activities: The Kavkasian wing is involved in a multitude of activities throughout the region, but its most productive activities are the smuggling of magical items and the trade of rare magical components. Since this wing is far more decentralised than its counterpart, many local criminal activities are left at the hands of the pawns and are rarely reported back to the head (sometimes due to the Wing's leadership interference, but sometimes simply because no one but the local thugs know about these activities).

Distinctive Feature: all the member of the wing wear a golden curved dagger at their belt

Northern Wing:

Headquarter: The Bazaar in Kiteng

Guild master: Sayed "Goldfeathers" Kharsay (officially T25, but 19HD gold dragon)

Principal pawns: Immedin Gosbodar (F9, Merchant12), head of the Gosbodar family in Durfan; Khardan Abimelik (T12, Merchant 9), head of the Bazaar in Zhorog; Alishaer "Camel Breath" Niyazi (T19), head of the Special Guard in Tachgoun; Oraz "Sharp Sabre" Shtoïk (F20), leader of the Midlands' Rovers; Kamil "Darokin" Djaev (T9, Merchant 15), head of the Djaev family in Nyabur

Posture: The Northern Wing is more a merchant guild than a criminal syndicate. However, given that the Sardjik merchants activities are always at the edge of legality, they were the one that Leke Bey called when he decided to extend his League Northward. The Sardjik merchants viewed this alliance as an opportunity to enhance their business security throughout the Hulean region, and they did. Not only did this alliance helped them to oust the local concurrence in the region, but it also protected them of the ban on foreign trade decided by the Master. This is why the Sardjik merchants recently acquired a near monopoly over the trade industry in the Midlands.

Changes at the head of the Bazaar in Kiteng, have brought change to the nature of the relations between the Northern Wing and the Bleak League. The election of the prominent merchant Sayed Kharsay at the head of the Bazaar, has brought an strong opponent of the Master - although he isn't openly- at the head of both the Bazaar and the Northern Wing. Sayed Kharsay is, in fact, Kharsay a powerful dragon ruler who has set his own kingdom near Sardjikjian. Kharsay has been contacted by Hartok Stormrider, a tribe leader who is trying to confederate the Northern Nomads into a new invasion force, they have discussed the possibility of an alliance that would protect Sardjikjian against the nomads when they will attack Hule, which is the official goal of the nomad leader.

The two weren't able to keep their alliance secret, however, Leke Bey has learned about the deal and has informed the Master about it. For the moment both are waiting to see if Kharsay is going to deepen his alliance, they are also preparing to try to subjugate him, a task that the Master has successfully done with lesser dragons, but Kharsay is another kind of game.

Activities: Most of the Northern Wing activities revolve around trade and banking. Some brigands are used to discourage competition from alien merchants in the territory of the wing, but such criminal activities are sparse. Every kind of activities involving violence are the task of the assassins guild of Kiteng or Tachgoun who are held under permanent contract by the Wing.

Distinctive Feature: Each member of the wing wears the same engraved ring on the left hand's middle finger. On the ring is inscribed the person's rank in the Wing's hierarchy as well as the name of that persons family or sub-organisation.