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GAZ 10 Command Limitations & Statted war Hordes

by Greg Weatherup

GAZ 10 has rules for how many HD worth of Humanoids a Humanoid leader can control (though the example of the rule given does not match the rules as stated). The Gaz also has Warmachine statistics and unit compositions for the various hordes available to each tribe. If you assume each Clan* is mono-racial you can easily dervie the by clan breakdown.

*=remember, in GAZ 10 terminology, each Horde, which is usually mixed race and controlled by a "Chief", is made up of several clans, controlled by "Chieftains", and each of the 10 tribes have several hordes.

Checking those stats against the Command rules and the levels of the leaders (assuming each Tribal chief is the Horde Chief of their personal horde), all but 3 of the hordes are ok. Of the three, 2 only have minor problems which are easily fixed:


Ohr'r is lvl 16 so can command 140 HD. He has 110 HD under him:
6 Bugbear Chiefs (9d8+17 HD), 5 Bugbear Chieftains (8d8+3 HD), & 1 Goblin Chieftain (6d8-5 HD)
Within the Yellow Eyes, each of the Bugbear Chieftain's are lvl 6 and so can command 40 HD and each have 12 Bugbears (3d8+1) for a total of 36 HD. The Goblin Chieftain is lvl 6 and so can command 40 HD and has 45 Goblins (1d8-1) so 45 HD.
In the other Hordes, each Bugbear Chief is level 15 so can command 130 HD. Each has 4 Bugbear Chieftains (8d8+3 HD), 1 Goblin Chieftain (6d8-5 HD), and a Hobgoblin Chieftain (6d8+5) for a total of 44 HD. Each of the Bugbear Chieftains is lvl 6 and so can command 40 HD each and each has 12 to 13 Bugbears (3d8+1 HD) for a total of 36-39 HD. The Goblin chieftain's are lvl 6 and so can command 40 HD each and each has 35 Goblins (1d8-1) so 35 HD. Each of the Hobgoblin Chiefs are level 6 and so can command 40 HD and each has 30 Hobgoblins (1d8+1 HD) for 30 HD.

Problem: The Goblin Chieftain within the Yellow Eyes needs to be Level 7 to command that many Goblins. That Goblin either needs to be 7th level or have 5 of the Goblins under control in a different way.
Suggestion: A 7th level Goblin has the same number of HD as a 6th level, so does not cost Ohr'r and more. Make that single Goblin 7th level.

Red Orcland

Probelm: No problems with possible Clan breakdowns, but Hool is lower level (OR17/S5) than the Chiefs (OR18)! Unless you are supposed to add the Shaman levels.
Suggestions: Lower the level of the Orc Chief's since they are using less than half their capacity (exact details depend on how many of each horde's 8 clans are of which specific race)

The Big problem is Ogremoor


(Remember, in Ogremoor "Horde Chiefs" are called "Rajah's")
Alebane controls 6 Ogre Rajah's, 2 Ogre Chieftains, 1 Bugbear Chieftain, & 1 Hobgoblin Chieftain (6x10 + 2x7 + 6 + 4 = 84 out of 80 HD).
Within the Bone Crushers, each Ogre Chieftain is controlling 27-28 Ogres (4d8+1 HD) for 108 to 112 HD out of only 20 HD possible for a 4th level Humanoid!. The Bugbear Chieftain is controlling 15 Bugbears (3d8+1 HD) for 45 out of 20 HD. The Hobgoblin Chieftain is controlling 45 Hobgoblins for 45 out of 20 HD.
For the Troll Grinders, the Ogre Rajah is controlling one of the following combinations:
A) 1 Ogre Chieftain & 3 Goblin Chieftans, thus 19 out of 80 HD, but then each Goblin Chieftain is controlling 20 Goblins (20 out of 20 HD) but the Ogre Chieftain is controlling 40 Ogres (160 out of 20)
B) 2 Ogre Chieftains & 2 Goblin Chieftains, thus 22 out of 80 HD, but then each Ogre Chieftain is controlling 20 Ogres (80 HD out of 20) & each Goblin Chieftain is controlling 30 Goblins (30 HD out of 20)
C) 3 Ogre Chieftains & 1 Goblin Chieftain, thus each Ogre Chieftain is controlling 13-14 Ogres (52-56 out of 20 HD) & the Goblin Chieftain is controlling 60 Goblins (60 out of 20 HD)
For the Guards, each Ogre Rajah is controlling 4 Chieftains split amongst Goblin, Ogre, & Bugbear, but there is no way to split up the forces that doesn't have 3 or all 4 of the chieftains exceeding their control limit.
Same problem with the Raiders, just switching Bugbears for Hobgoblins (thus only 2 or 3 of the chieftains exceed their limit

Problems: A) Far too many HD controled for the levels. B) Alebane, a level 10 Ogre yet is controlling other level 10 Ogres. Suggestions: A) Add more chieftains and/or one's of higher levels. Alternatively or in addition to, Give Ogre's a bonus (ie reduced HD cost) for controlling other Ogres, since a base Ogre is 4 HD.
B) Alebane should be level 11 or higher and/or Might some of the Rajah's be non-Ogres (do I remember this is suggested in the PWA army statistics)? If you make one of the Rajah's a Hobgoblin and one a Bugbear, then it works out to 80 out of 80 HD.