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Discovered History

by Tim Haney

I'm back again with more. I've chosen to do the history of Blackmoor in a letter written by one of my characters to Terari of some discoveries he has made on the Isle of Dawn. I hope this is interesting to everyone even if you don't agree with any facts it contains. Maybe it will be useful as something to start an adventure to find out the truth. Some of this will be familiar as I proposed a different location of Blackmoor a few months ago. This is a little rough in some areas so comments will be very much welcomed. Any grammar mistakes I'll blame on Elrol :)

My most esteemed Master Terari,

I must confess to a great deal of excitement in some recent discoveries made. It seems not only were writings telling of the creation of the world found but also my companions and I stumbled across a sealed chamber filled with scrolls. Unfortunately, most had decayed and are completely destroyed. Many of those that were intact were filled with strange markings in a language I have never seen before and, thus, remain indecipherable to me. I have enclosed everything for your appraisal of their truth and to add to the school library.

I was unable to resist the urge to dive into the early history and have enclosed the findings of my studies. Much of the writings discovered contradict each other on some points but I am excited to report that most agreed on fundamental issues. I've endeavoured to include only that which was in agreement. Perhaps, incomplete as it is, it will none the less excite you as it has me, as it is perhaps the earliest report of human civilisation in existence! I have found many references to a land called Blackmoor. Most surprising is that the Isle of Dawn from where I write was once part of this Blackmoor. As the history unfolds, you will see that it is not at all the land it once was.

The history states that the island continent of Blackmoor saw the birth of humanity and the Immortals found themselves pleased with their creation. All save Ilneval. He watched the creatures as they grew and learned to feed themselves from the land. Still he saw a useless creation. He took his disappointment to Noumena and found an ally. Together they approached Ilsundal with a plan to remake humans all that the Immortals wished for them. Intrigued by Ilneval and Noumena's proposal, he agreed that more was needed.

Already humans had divided themselves into three great tribes: the Neathar, the Oltec, and the Tanagoro. Ilsundal judged that each tribe should be blessed by one gift from Ilneval, Noumena, and himself. Ilsundal blessed the Tanagoro with wisdom, the Neathar were given desire by Ilneval, and the Oltec were taught the ways of magic by Noumena. Minor gifts were given to all but these three gifts would become the greatest. Warfare became constant between the tribes and Ilneval was pleased. Ilsundal and Noumena became concerned. Ilneval pointed out that only through conflict could the humans grow properly. Both Ilsundal and Noumena saw the wisdom in this and stayed their hands. Soon the three gifts had been shared to all the tribes and Ilneval was proven true as humanity continued to grow in the ways of the Immortals. The Neathar drove the Tanagoro tribes into the southern sea to an untouched land. The Neathar then sought to dominate the Oltec and took many as slaves. Some escape by sea to the east while others were surrounded by deep forests and sheltering hills in the north.

Soon the Neathar established a great empire that encompassed all save the Oltec to the north. They began to explore their world and set up colonies on the western continent taking many Oltec slaves with them. The Neathar colonies met the elves there and begin warring with them. The elves easily defeated their armies and kept the humans from spreading farther from the coasts. Fearing the elven race, the priests and mages of Blackmoor begin researching dark magics. Ilneval whispered to them that Noumena withholds the power they desire. In the night sky, her pale light shining upon them, they begin the ritual Ilneval has taught them to capture her magic. Noumena felt gripped in the ritual and drawn toward Mystara. Knowing that once she touches the surface, her child will destroy her, she cries out to Ilsundal. Seeing the plots of Ilneval behind this, Ilsundal releases his fury upon Blackmoor. Fire lights the night sky and Noumena is freed. The great land of Blackmoor is shattered. Little human life remains on the four remnants of Blackmoor save the northern lands of the Oltec. Even many of the colonies on the western continent had been washed away by the raging seas that filled the former site of great Blackmoor.

Perhaps most chilling of all I've found is that Ilneval is reported to smile at the destruction as humans have proved worthy agents. What this means, I fear to speculate. Even more puzzling is that much of the origins of these writings are strangely absent. In fact, as you will see, some of the writings that even point to where this history may have originated has the name of the land erased. No magics at my disposal will reveal this information to me but clues point me to the barren land of Ylaruam. With your permission, I plan to visit that desolated place in hopes of finding more answers to these puzzles.

Ever your loyal servant,

Elrol Kavaros