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The Friends of Black Leaf

by Donald Eric Kesler

An NPC Party

Under the leadership of Vasilisa Nushka, the Friends of Black Leaf have met with great success. Most recently they publicly prevented the Radu merchant family of Specularum from assassinating Queen Olivia Karameikos. This has earned these four the status of national heroes in the Kingdom of Karameikos.

Their exploits, however, haven't been accomplished without sacrifice. Black Leaf, an elf from clan Long Runner, pointlessly died to a poisoned trap in the Caverns of Quasqueton. The nature of the poison was such that their friend and companion couldn't be restored to life. After every successful adventure, the Friends of Black Leaf open a bottle and fill five goblets. Toasts are made and wine is consumed. The fifth goblet, which remains unconsumed, is left for the spirit of their fallen companion.

Igneox "Iggy" Aendyr is the party's magic-user. As his name indicates, he is a member of the now defunct House of Silverston of Glantri. The only thing a noble name has earned Iggy is the animosity of those wronged by his dead uncle, Prince Volospin Aendyr. This is why he is far, far away from Glantri City and the Great School of Magic where he learned his craft.

Vasilisa Nushka grew up in the homestead of Sukiskyn in the Dymrak Forest of Karameikos. Her adopted parents told her how slavers from the Iron Ring had destroyed her original home and killed her parents. They also told her how a band of heroes had rescued her and her cousin from a life of slavery. Years later, these same heroes eventually led armies into the Black Eagle Barony, bringing about an end to the Iron Ring. They are the type of adventurers that Vasilisa Nushka aspires to emulate.

Iovita Maxmilianus is a devout servant of Pax Bellanica, Tarastia, the divine Patroness of Justice and Revenge. Like his mother before him, Iovita served as an executioner in the City of Hattias, lawfully beheading those whose crimes merited such punishment. He was forced to flee both the County of Hattias and the Empire of Thyatis after he openly criticized the unjust conduct of the powerful Count Heinrich Oesterhaus. Iovita is troubled by his inability to lawfully resolved the ongoing injustice in his homeland.

Zan Ganassa is a pirate and a rake from the Minrothad Guilds. He grew up on the seedier side of Old Harbortown, but you wouldn't know it from his immaculate wardrobe and his refined manners. Zan is equally at home in either an elegant ballroom or on the deck of a privateer merchantman.

Zan holds that all lawful organizations, given sufficent authority and power, will inevitably perpetrate injustice. This is an opinion he formed after a decade of conflict with the intrusive and rigid Guilds of Minrothad. After a few drinks, Iovita and Zan will debate the merits of law over chaos with red faced passion. Iggy soberly resists all attempts to be dragged into the exchange.

Igneox "Iggy" Aendyr
AC 4 vs first two attacks / 6 (Ring of Protection +2); M-U 6; hp 19; #AT staff or spell; D 1d8+2 or spell ; Move 120' (40'); Save M-U 6 (Ring of Protection +2); ML 8; AL N; S 10; I 18; W 10; D 14; C 10; Ch 10; THAC0 13 with staff / 17

Weapon Mastery
Staff [P=A]
Level: Ex; Range: n/a; Damage: 1d8+2; Defense: A: -2 AC/2; Special Effect: Deflect (2)

General Skills
Alchemy, Alternate Magics, Magical Engineering, Navigation, Piloting (Air Based), Planar Geography, Spell Combination

Spell Combination: This INT skill is only attainable in the Principalities of Glantri. This technique allows the Magic-User to mix his or her spell levels in any combination, so long as the total spell levels do not exceed his or her capacity. For example a fourth level Magic-User normally casts two first level spells, and two second level spells (for a total of six spell levels). With this skill, he can memorize six first level spells, or three second levels, or any other appropriate combination. (GAZ #3)

Spells Memorized
Read Magic, Sleep, Locate Object, Web, Fly, Lightning Bolt

Vasilisa Nushka
AC -2 AC vs first 2 H / 0 (plate mail +1); F7; hp 38; #AT 2 swords; D 2d8+2* /1d12+2*; Move 60' (20'); Save F7; ML 9; AL L; S 16; I 9; W 9; D 16; C 9; Ch 13; THAC0 9 with sword vs H/ 11 with sword vs M* /15

* Strength and Weapon Mastery Bonus is included.

Weapon Mastery
Sword [P=H]
Level: Ex; Range: 0/5/10; Damage: 2d8; Defense: H: -2 AC/2; Special Effect: Deflect (2) + Disarm (save +1)

Sword [P=H]
Level: Sk; Range: n/a; Damage: 1d12; Defense: H: -2 AC/1; Special Effect: Deflect (1) + Disarm

Note: The second attack is at a penalty of - 4 to hit (but not to damage). The second attack is treated as if at one mastery level lower than normal.

General Skills
Alertness, Healing, Riding (Land Based), Knowledge of Market Value, Leadership

Knowledge of Market Value: This INT skill is available anywhere but is particularly common in the Republic of Darokin and the Minrothad Guilds. A character with this skill automatically knows the market value of common goods, including standard D&D game items. Successful checks allows one to estimate the approximate value of special goods like magical items and treasures. If the roll is missed consult the following chart.

Failed By / Estimate Off By

1-2 / 10%
3-5 / 50%
6-9 / 100%
10+ / D100 x 10%

If the roll was odd, subtract the percentage. If the roll was even add the percentage. (GAZ #7)

Iovita Maxmilianus
AC 1 vs first 2 M /4 (scale mail +2); C7; hp 27; #AT 1 battle axe or spell; D 1d8+5; Move 90' (30'); Save C7; ML 8 ; AL L; S 13; I 12; W 16; D 9; C 9; Ch 13; THAC0 14 with battle axe vs H/ 15 with battle axe vs M/ 17*

* Strength and Weapon Mastery Bonus is included.

Weapon Mastery
Battle Axe [P=H]
Level: Ex; Range: 0/5/10; Damage: 1d8+4; Defense: A: -3 AC/2; Special Effect: Delay

General Skills
Danger Sense, Detect Lie, Executioner, Knowledge of Codes and Laws +2, Honor Immortal, Law and Justice (Thyatis)

Executioner: This INT skill is available in all societies in which capital punishment is employed. Those who practice this skill are often simultaneously respected and treated as pariahs. With a successful skill check, a character is able to mercifully end the life of a bound or submissive monster or character in a single round. Failure indicates that the executed is forced to needlessly suffer for as many rounds as the roll was missed.

The means of execution varies from culture to culture. Examples include the chopping block, hanging and the guillotine. Possession of this skill assumes that the character is familiar with all of these techniques. (Glen Bane)

Spells Memorized
Cure Light Wounds x2, Protection from Evil, Bless, Hold Person, Cure Disease, Remove Curse

Clerics of Tarastia can cast freely know alignment once per day.

Zan Ganassa
AC 1 vs first 2 H, (Bracers of Defense AC 6)*; T7; hp 22; #AT rapier and main gauche; D 1d8+1 and 1d4; Move 120' (40'); Save T7; ML 7; AL N; S 13; I 9; W 9; D 18; C 10; Ch 13; THAC0 14 with rapier or main gauche vs H/ 15 with rapier or main gauche vs M/ 17**

*AC is improved by 2 if fencing check is successful.

** Strength and Weapon Mastery Bonus is included. THAC0 is improved by 2 if fencing check is successful.

Weapon Mastery
Rapier [P=H]
Level: Sk; Range: n/a; Damage: 1d8+1; Defense: H: -2 AC/2; Special Effect: Deflect (1) + Disarm

Main Gauche [P=H]
Level: Sk; Range: 5/10/15; Damage: 1d4; Defense: H: -1 AC/1; Special Effect: No Off-Hand Penalty + Disarm

General Skills
Acrobatics, Alertness, Boating, Etiquette, Fencing.

Boating: This INT skill is available in any community near water. This skill grants the ability to perform as a crewman on a larger ship. This skill also includes fishing skills. Most simple tasks are performed automatically by characters with this skill; check against this skill only in critical or emergency situations. (GAZ #7)

Etiquette: This CHR skill is available anywhere. A person skilled at etiquette knows proper table manners, styles of dance, how to dress properly, and how to address officials. A skill check is only required when in a unusual situation such as dealing with foreign cultures or obscure situations where the rules of good manners are vague. (HWR #3)

Fencing: This DEX skill is common only in the Republic of Darokin and in the Principalities of Glantri. The character with this skill is trained in fighting with light weapons and armor. The weapons include the rapier, the short sword, the dagger, the stiletto, and the main-gauche. Armor is restricted to leather and a buckler.

Successful use of this skill while using these weapons grants the character a +2 bonus on to hit rolls and a +2 bonus to armor class in melee for that round. If the character throws away or loses his or her weapon, the bonus to armor class no longer applies. (GAZ #11)