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Blacklore Peninsula

by Robin

This map is a more detailed, and beter Scale of an earlier version in 40 mile hexes.
In itself that map was created after a unscaled map made by Havard which he based upon official D&D maps.
Both the official source maps of the part of the Hollow World and the map Havard made are placed to the right of the 8 mile map. (Link see below)
Without these I could not have created this map so thanx a lot..

There are a lot of new materials I had to work with.
Since the Blacklore Elves are technological advanced (or better said a remnant of ancient Blackmoor 4000 years ago), they have different map signatures.

Following Canon and Fanon sources they have Monorails (Yellow), conduits for their utilities (Energy, water, waste, etc.)in Red, Automatic Walkways and Energy units (where they can recharge their tools and Automatons).

And the border in which the technological objects function. (Pink line)

The area is also on the Antarctic Southpole of the Hollow World, and thus has a great amount of arctic areas, and the areas of lesser or even no light as the rim of the gate to the Outer World. (iced/snowed hills, Snow, Glacier, iced mountains, degrees of light)

Last but not least, the areas seems to be prone to geological activities, like Geysers, and warm water rivers, some low pressure volcanoes (lavapools), all which the Blacklore Elves and their Automatons generate their energy from.

The Ogres Havard mentioned on his small map (the green insert) I placed somewhat more higher in a equally enclosed but barren area, of hills and a somewhat labyrinth-like mountain area. I remember a Japanese tale of seven Ogres who set up their own tribes, competing with each other until the dawn of time. So I mixed that story within. And so the area is called "Depression of Seven Ogres". This area is a mountain that collapsed in itself long ago This has to do with the cellular structure of the planet, (see my blog Megalith) or assume that great caves collapsed.

The name on the large middle Island is Elwellishin; This is Elvish for "Walking Ice" and comes from the ice riding up the land in the south. This happened so often , a small hillridge was created.

The Great Spray, is a Thin waterfail from the area off the Seven Ogres, and dives deep within the mountain a mile before jettison out, at a height of 500 yards, spraying up to a mile away (depending on wind).


At the same time I had to take care of the Original Canon sources and the map of Havard...this I had to stretch horizontaly to fit the same dimensions as the canon maps.

All in all a heck of a job,...doing all only with a basic paint program and a high (very high) number of cut & Paste (sometimes on pixel size) routines from the basic map of 40 miles, and a Legend which I used in the TM North map.

All in all I succeeded....or at least I hope..

Frozen mountains are unable to traverse except by flight.

I have added all average heights, as seen from sea-level (=0)
In the depression of 7 ogres the 900'is the average floor level of this strange valley. the mountains (not only the bordering mountains, but even those more central) are about 1000' higher.

I see the Blacklore Elves as a fully self sustained culture.
100% recycling, even the dead will be transformed into resources, energy or other.
Mostly (95%) Solar and Magma(Heat) and Water energy based.(Red lines conduits) They even have some wind (3 % on the higher mountains) and current energizers (outside the valley under the ice 2%) but these are rare, as he Elves dislike leaving the valley, and the border of tech/energy usage is hindering the automatons.(they are fuully aware where this border exists, as they often go out to find foodsources, minerals, wandering Elves, protection from the 7 Ogres.)
Food from fish; From the lake and nearby Bloodcove volcanic area rich of Fish and minerals
Food from Vegetables; All dark green areas are small biofarms maintained by Automatons.
Fruit from trees; The woods are used as an extra fruit and leaves produce ---Birch trees are 100% edible even the wood...(this is true in real life too and there are way more plants edible than most humans imagine )
All these foodsources are maintained by Automatons.

The Ruined city of Ilmairn, is 100% intact, but here the computer went berserk and took over...without inhabitants, other than machines or some wildlife. The station is still intact, but no-one dares to exit there.
All cities are controled by a city computer. They have NO contact with the other cities.
The Stations, however and energy conduits (free standing computers) have full knowledge of all resources each population center needs and produces, and continues to maintain this (even to Ilmairn).

The Automatic walkways (Yellow Lines) have three bands to each direction (so 6 wide) each with their own speed. The outer band (slow) goes at 30', the second band (Normal ) goes at 90', the third band (fast) goes at 150'. One can only enter (or leave) a band, from next band. They are 10'wide each. In the Middle and to the outer rim is a railing. You can remain standing (and move at the mentioned speeds) or walk at normal speed (which in effect adds the bands speed to your own).
The Monorail (Orange Lines) is much faster, and stops automatically at each station(population center or Energy Unit (in case a person or automaton needs energy refill). Each station has a stop time of 5 minutes. The speed between the stations is a tremendous 1440'. All these speeds (walkways and monorail) are constant and are measured in rounds (10 seconds) as normal movement. If there is any damage to the system, it will slow down to 15' in the amount of distance until the location of the damage (1440' before the damage in case of the monorail for example).Stopping at 15' from the damaged area until it is repaired by Robots, Automatons or else). The Monorail hangs a average Height of 25'above the ground (5' to 45'), but will mostly lower itself by a cable system in case of emergency (if not there is always a seldom used ropeladder, but mostly in this case they will use a maglev platform (10'diameter functiones as a normal levitation spell, voice controlled).

There will be also underground and underwater energy conduits, but these can only be maintained by robots specially equipped for the task (Mountains and freezing ice water pressure withstanding).