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Blackmoor Reborn

by LoZompatore.

I give you another hypothesis about HW Blackmoor: see if you like it.

I prefer to give up the idea of a "cloning" of Blackmoor in the HW by the Immortals, because in the HW boxed set we know that Blackmoor obliteration "catches the Immortals off-guard" and that they don't have enough time to save any consistent part of this civilisation before its complete destruction.

Anyway, we know also that:
- Blackmoor pushed the beastmen far in the north of Brun, near the North Pole;
- The elven colony of Wendar/Glantri is very, very near to the old North Polar Opening (which was smaller than the present one and located in the Ethengar Khanates). This land was on the fringe o Blackmoor civilisation, even if not yet colonised by Blackmoor, and the elves asked for permission of colonising it. We know, also, that these elves were a particularly "high technology" group.
- The flying device of Serraine, a combined antigravity/jet propulsion flight system, is found by gnomes somewhere in the Altan Tepes south of Rockhome, which means that the Blackmoorians came nearer than the elves to the old North Polar Opening.

This is what the official modules say. They all hint about a strong presence of Blackmoor in the old Arctic regions.

SO, why can't we say that the Blackmoorians passed through the old North Polar Opening and that they explored the Hollow World in 3200-3000BC, founding a colony?

The Alphatians succeeded in doing this using magical devices, which are opposed in many ways by the anti-magical barriers posed by Immortals on the route to the HW. The Blackmoorians, using technological devices, shouldn't be affected by these limitations, so the exploration and colonisation of the HW should have been a lot easier.

Moreover, a colony in the HW obviously is not affected by the Great Rain of Fire. Also, any "nuclear" device (in case) located in the colony shall not detonate, because the Mystara's magic field perturbation (which probably caused the explosion of this kind of devices) is softened by the anti magic aura of the Hollow World.

So we can have a Blackmoor colony in the HW, with Blackmoor technology still working (and people who know how to use it) and, maybe, also some of its very dangerous exploding devices. Cool, isn't it?

In a thousand years or so, this colony grows powerful, and begins to heavily influence the other HW cultures, in violation of the Spell of preservation. So the Immortals decide to eradicate it. Its members, their memory changed and deprived of all their technology, could have been transported somewhere in the external world in 2000BC.

For the destination place, I suggest the Skothar continent (where I located Blackmoor). Maybe, the Nentsun are the descendants of this colony, transplanted near their ancestral land...