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The Blood Ring

by John Hare

This ring made of some unknown green metal has a small ruby mounted. Inside the ring is an inscription detailing how to activate the ring. On a night of a full moon the ring must be dipped in the blood of a freshly killed werewolf. The ring then allows the wearer to use its powers until the next full moon.

The ring when powered gives the wearer an immunity to normal weapons (but not silver, or magical weapons), which lasts until the next full moon or the ring is removed. However the ring has a craving for blood and every day that it isn't dipped in blood, the wearer must make a save vs spells at -2 or lose one point of intelligence. When the wearer reaches half his normal intelligence the rings craving suddenly overwhelms the character and he attacks the nearest living creature, for each creature killed the character regains a point of intelligence and once all have been recovered the blood lust ends. This craving for blood occurs whether the ring has been powered or not, and cannot be removed until the craving has been satisfied. When in the craving the ring adjusts what the wearer sees so that creatures appear as pounding sources of blood.

Several of these rings have appeared over the centuries, each one supposedly destroyed and no one claims to know how they are made. It is speculated that these are gifts from the Outer Ones to their willing servants.