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Equipment from the Book of Marvellous Magic

by JTrithen

This is not directly related to "setting" content, but I was mining the book for statistics about equipment that is available in Mystara to characters.

For example, some of the most completed details I got are below....

Armchair, normal-sized (3' wide x 3' deep, 3'-5' tall; Large, upholstered chair w with padded arms, sides, and back; cushion normally covers seat [often detachable]; made of wood frames covered with padded fabric; enc. 1,500 cn)

Tub (3' in diameter, sides 18" high, rope handles; made entirely of plain unmarked wood; enc. 300 cn)

Tent, small (one-man) (portable shelter made of canvas or animal skins; in portable form, a tent appears to be a roll of fabric, and may be mistaken for a rug; the tent may be unfolded and erected for use by supporting it with poles and ropes; one-man tent is 3' x 6' when erected. [there are other instructions regarding procedures and time involved in using, erecting, and taking down the tent, too, in the book]; cost: about 13 [to possibly 20] gp; enc. 50 cn)

Tent, large (royal) (made of several parts, covers an area 500' sq.; requires large wooden or magical framework -- the canvas is either hung from the framwork or draped over it; enc. more than 50,000 cn total [all parts])

Tent, common adventurer's (10'-sq. base, tapers to 8' sq. at height of 7', and has a peaked top; it is 10 feet tall overall; supported by wooden poles, sleeping room for 2 plus storage area for other gear; cost: 25-50 gp

I enjoy collecting tidbits like this, and try to put them in an accessible Excel spreadsheet for me to access during games.

There are also lots of other descriptions with details about items in the book (like a tun, candlesticks, etc.). Most of them don't have gp, some have enc. amounts, but it gives me physical references to work off of for the in-game universe.