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Golem; Bone

by Aaron Webb

Rahasia: Bone Golem Conversion
Found in Rahasia by Tracy and Laura Hickman

Converted from Basic to Third Edition

Notes on the Conversion:

This is a conversion of the bone golem as found in the Basic Dungeons and Dragons module B7. Rahasia. The conversion was interesting as the creatures were very different in their game mechanics. Replicating the idea that the golem got four attacks with medium sided weapon was somewhat tricky with 3rd Edition's rules concerning multiple attacks. I contemplated boosting the Base Attack of the creature, and giving it the necessary dexterity to wield all four weapons without a problem. This made the creature more powerful than I thought it should be. It was way too fast and this gave it an armour class that was approaching that of an iron golem. So the "multifeats" and 15 Dex were out. Looking at the stats that I had after I made this change, I realised that the creature had a better balance with the attack penalties than without them. I was thinking in the context of the adventure. The golem is supposed to be too powerful for the low level party to take it on in a toe-to-toe fight, and they have to find another way around. So I figured a walking bone and leather killing-machine was somewhat out of order. It occurred to me that even in this state most low level characters would have a hard time putting a dent in the thing. So I let the stats stand where they were.

I made the note about the fact that the monster could carry four large weapons one handed due to its size, and that it could carry two two-handed weapons and do 1.5 times the damage. (in the module it will be carrying four scimitars). That is when I decided to look at the weapon damage ratings and compare them to the slam damage that the golem did unarmed. Nothing in the chart could beat 2d8+5. Why would someone make the golem carry weapons that do less damage than the slam? So I got rid of the slam. I figured that it looks like a large skeleton and that it should share another trait besides the half damage from slashing and piercing weapons. Weapons have an advantage over a 1d6 claw. Four scimitars do the same damage, and they have an awesome critical threat range. This makes sense to me. It works with the bone golem being the fast and easy "when you need a golem now" golem.

I got the shatter spell idea from the 2E bone golem entry. This apparently was a Ravenloft version. It had this hideous laugh and was a little more skeleton-that-was-not-a-skeleton than a construct made of bone. But the shatter idea is nice and makes sense so I brought it over. I also took the skeletal half-damage and incorporated it. But even with a shatter spell (and who knows what spells to bring?) this thing is though for low-level characters, especially for a party of four. However the armour idea is all mine. I figured that since it was a little weak as golems go, some wizard or cleric would decide to attach some piecemeal armour to the thing. It seems to make sense and I think that a lot of players will have fun running from some of these armour plated bad boys. This was fun to do and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome.


Bone Golem (Normal and Four Armed)
Large Construct

Hit Dice:



-1 (Dex)


30 ft. (can't run)


18 (-1 size, -1 Dex, +10 Natural)


2 claws +10 melee (normal), 4 claws +10 melee (four armed)


claw 1d6+5


5ft. by 5ft./10 ft.

Special Attacks:


Special Qualities:

Construct, Magic Immunity, Damage Reduction 10/+1, half damage from piercing and slashing weapons, vulnerable to a shatter spell (see description)


Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +3


Str 21, Dex 9, Con --, Int --, Wiz 11, Cha 1




Any land and underground


Solitary or gang (2 - 4)

Challenge Rating:





Always Neutral


9 - 18 HD (Large) 19 - 26 (Huge)

A bone golem is built from bones of assorted creatures. They are on average about 8 ft. tall and weigh about 100 - 150 pounds.

Bone golems wear no clothing, but may be bound together by rope, leather straps, or some other means. Bone golems are more often created as guardians intended to intimidate intruders rather than to assist in dangerous tasks or be personal bodyguards.


Bone Golems are usually outfitted for fighting. Often they are constructed with weapons in their hands. Also they are sometimes outfitted with an assorted patchwork of different types of armour (treat as breastplate, AC 27, or halfplate, AC 28). The golem is not slowed down by the armour because of the golem's strength. Bone makes for a cheaper construction material for the golem, but the inferior material makes them structurally weaker than other golem types.

Berserk: As per the clay golem (p.110 Monster Manual)

Half damage from piercing and slashing weapons: Because a bone golem is not as dense as other sorts of golems, it only receives half damage from piercing and slashing weapons that can harm it.

Magic Immunity: Bone golems are immune to all spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects, except as follows. Focusing a shatter spell strong enough for something of its weight on the golem will weaken it structurally. This will allow slashing and piercing weapons that are able to damage it to do full damage and bludgeoning weapons that are able to damage it to deal double damage.

Manufactured Weapons: When a bone golem is built with manufactured weapons in all hands, it does so at the standard penalty for multiple weapons. Thus the attack bonus for the golem (both versions) when using multiple medium weapons is only a +6 with the first and +2 with the others to attack. If the weapons are large the attack bonuses are +4 for the primary and +0 for all secondary. Note that the four-armed golem can carry two two-handed weapons in each arm. This will cause the golem to do 1.5 times normal damage for that weapon. Also, it can carry four of the two handed weapons without the 1.5 damage bonus. Be sure to adjust the CR accordingly.

Armoured: Bone golems can be armoured. This is a patchwork of armour that is made up of all sorts of different kinds of armour. Breastplate equivalent armour increases the AC of the golem to 23. Halfplate increases the AC of the golem to 25. Armouring the golem costs the amount for a suit of breastplate or halfplate that fits a large creature. Be sure to adjust the CR accordingly.


Typically bone golems are constructed from whole segments of creatures, and are often not as dense as other types of golems and appear to have the same flimsiness as most skeletons. However some bone golems are constructed in such a way that they are more robust and possibly larger. The bones used as materials for the golem are usually dry and brittle. Some come from random bones found scattered about others from formerly animated skeletons. The source is inconsequential and is usually only a matter of preference for the creator.

The golem costs 35,000 gp to create which includes 200 gp for the construction of the body. Assembling the body requires a successful Rope Use check (DC 12).

The creator must be 13th level, and able to cast arcane or divine spells. Completing the ritual drains 800 XP from the creator and requires geas/quest, limited wish, and polymorph any object for arcane spells, or commune, animate objects, and resurrection for divine spells.