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Boldavian Nobles

by Harri Mäki

Moise Kviepoly b. 769 d. 832
Baron of Palatinsk 829-832
Moise was mayor of Palatinsk and definitely the most capable military commander amongst the Boldavians (He was a fighter). He was big, hulking man, with dark red hair and beard (his mother was Flaemish). He led Boldavian troops in the Forty-Years war and was rewarded with the title of Baron afterwards. Unfortunately he was also a vampire and after war he became increasingly harder to control. In the end his son, Vlad, killed him (order came from Morphail of course.)

Fedor Markovitch b. 777 d. 859
Baron of Rymskigrad 829-859
Fedor was mayor of Rymskigrad and with Boris Gorewich-Wozslany composed the diplomatic corps of Morphail. They handled all the negotiations with the other "rebel" leaders, while Morphail stayed in background. Fedor was an intelligent and cultivated nosferatu necromancer, who was killed by marauding Ethengarians.

Alexandru Timenko b. 756 d. 866
Baron of Kutchevski 829-866
Alexandru was mayor of Kutchevski and was during the war second-in-command for Moise Kviepoly. He was a vampire necromancer. He vanished during a one stormy night in a "hunting trip".

Vlad Kviepoly b. 800 d. 845
Son of Moise
Baron of Palatinsk 832-845
Vlad was a vampire fighter like his father. He was killed by vampire-hunters in Rymskigrad.

Mircea Kviepoly b. 824 d. 857
Son of Vlad
Baron of Palatinsk 845-857
Mircea was first necromancer in the family and also first death master amongst the Boldavian nobility. He was killed by his brother Petru after his return to Palatinsk after years of adventuring. Petru realised that Mircea was nosferatu and killed him.

Aleksei Markovitch b. 827 d. 881
Grandson of Fedor
Baron of Rymskigrad 851-859
Baron of Vladimirov 859-881
Aleksei's father and mother were also killed when Ethengarians killed Fedor. Consequently his hatred of Ethengarians was very deep. After moving to Vladimirov he was constantly harassing them by sending undead and worse to attack them. He was nosferatu death master necromancer specialised in creation of undead. It is said that he perished after losing control of some very powerful undead.

Petru Kviepoly b. 825 d. 877
Brother of Mircea
Baron of Palatinsk 857-877
Petru was a basic magic-user, who left Boldavia after his father's death and adventured around old world over ten years. Then he came back and killed his brother Mircea after realising he is undead. He couldn't however avoid Morphail who made him also nosferatu. Petru was still bit unruly and declined all offers about knowledge of necromancy. He was killed by Mihail Gorevith-Wozslany during his frenzy periods.

Vlaicu Timenko b.795 d. 883
Son of Alexandru
Baron of Kutchevski 866-883
Vlaicu was a death master nosferatu, but not a necromancer. He just vanished like his father.

Mihneu Kviepoly b. 826 d. 892
Brother of Petru
Baron of Palatinsk 877-892
Mihneu was a nosferatu necromancer, who avoided death in Petru's hands only by being in Glantri City when Petru returned to Palatinsk. He went over the edge and killed himself.

Piotr Markovitch b. 851 d. 894
Son of Aleksei
Baron of Vladimirov 881-894
Piotr was a necromancer vampire and a party-animal like Boris. He was drowned in Glantri City after a party, or he was at least found floating in the canal.

Dan Timenko b. 830 d. 918
Son of Vlaicu
Baron of Kutchevski 883-918
Dan was a vampire death master. He was killed by his ambitious son Mihail.

Alexandru Kviepoly b. 802 d. 901
Brother of Vlad
Baron of Palatinsk 892-901

Konstantin Markovitch b. 834 d. 900
Brother of Aleksei
Baron of Vladimirov 894-900
Konstantin vas a necromancer, who was killed with his family by Vladislav who pretended to be his son, but who actually was his cousin.

Vladislav Markovitch b. 817 d. 938
Son of Konstantin
Baron of Vladimirov 900-938
Vladislav was a powerful death master necromancer nosferatu. He was scholarly like Alexandru Kviepoly but unfortunately he was also ambitious and power-hungry. He managed to avoid Morphail's attention until 938 when Morphail realised that Lajos Wutyla, new baron of Mariksen, was a vampire under Vladislav's control and that they were plotting against him. Consequently both were mysteriously killed within one week.

Radu Kviepoly b. 859 d. 923
Son of Alexandru
Baron of Palatinsk 901-923
Radu and Gavril were actually Alexandru's grandsons but were posing as his sons to conceal Alexandru's real age. Radu was a nosferatu alchemist, who managed to blow himself in pieces.

Mihail Timenko b. 857 d. 931
Son of Dan
Baron of Kutchevski 918-931

Gavril Kviepoly b. 863 d. 929
Brother of Radu
Baron of Palatinsk 923-929
Because of his scholarly interests Alexandru had pushed his grandson's to different fields of magic-using. Radu managed to enter secret craft of Alchemy and Gavril secret craft of Dracology. Gavril ended up being a vampire dracologist. He was exterminated by crafts new High Master Johann von Drachenfels immediately after founding out his vampirism.

Alberts Kviepoly b. 907 d. 951
Grandson of Radu
Baron of Palatinsk 929-931
Viscount of Blofeld 931-951
Alberts was again death master nosferatu. His father was a mundaner. With Alberts Morphail first time manage to expand his power base. He had tried already earlier to introduce Boldavians to Blofeld when it was free, but 931 was his first success. Unfortunately for Morphail Blofeld seemed to be to far away from Igorov and too close to rest of Glantri, Alberts began to slip away from his control and finally 950 switched his allegiance to House of Singhabad. Next year whole his family was butchered in the tower of Blofeld. Culprits were never found.

Matei Serban b. 849 d. 959
Baron of Palatinsk 931-959
Matei was probably greatest of the Morphail's students in necromancy and in Death Mastery; consequently he was made baron of Palatinsk after Kviepolys moved to Blofeld. Unfortunately Matei was also ambitious and have delusions of replacing Morphail as High Master. His fatal mistake happened in 959, when he approached Boris and offered him a status of Prince if he would help him against Morphail. Matei could not in his own power-hungriness understand that Boris could be loyal to his brother; whole concept was incomprehensive to Matei. Boris of course told everything to Morphail. Matei was torn in pieces by Morphail when Boris and other barons were watching by.

Vlad Timenko b. 877 d. 976
Son of Mihail
Baron of Kutchevski 931-976

Lajos Wutyla b. 905 d. 938
Baron of Mariksen 935-938
Lajos was promising necromancer to whom barony of Mariksen was created in 935. He however ended up to be too much influenced by his powerful neighbour Vladislav Markovich and was killed.

Bela Wutyla b. 915 d. 961
Brother of Lajos
Baron of Mariksen 938-961
Bela was Lajos' brother and necromancer death master vampire. He was loyal to Morphail until he was killed by the Ethengarian vampire hunters.

Boris Markovitch b. 915 d. 970
Grandson of Vladislav
Baron of Vladimirov 938-970
Boris was of course not a grandson of Vladislav, he was a grandson of Vladislav's grandson and last living member of the family (Vladislav have killed everyone else). He was a death master nosferatu, who died in building accident when a log impaled him.

Grigori Leon b. 918 d. 973
Baron of Palatinsk 959-973
Grigori was from old Flaemish family, who had been living in Boldavia nearly two hundred years. He was considered by Morphail to be a safe choice for Palatinsk after Matei. He was not ambitious, not even too bright, but competent necromancer anyway. He is also so far last Boldavian noble who hasn't been undead.

Matthias Wutyla b. 862 d. 990
Son of Bela
Baron of Mariksen 961-990
Matthias was actually uncle of Lajos and Bela, but was posing as Bela's son. He was a powerful death master nosferatu who explored other planes of existence and just vanished during one his travels. (Lazslo and Sergei who are supposed to be his sons are actually his descendants; there was four generations between them).