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And todays monster is something from Scottish legend...


by Cab Davidson

AC: 4
HD: 6*
Mv (Walking): 120' (40'), Flying: 240' (80'), Swimming 180' (60')
Atacks: 1 or special
Damage: 1d8 or 1d6
# appearing: 1 (1d4)
Save As: F3
Morale: 9
Treasure Type: C
Alignment: Neutral
XPV: 500

The boobrie is a massive bird that hunts the lochs and shorelines of the cold North. It can move freely between two forms, one being similar to a heron but pure black and standing around 9' tall, and the other a shorter (7') and stockier bird resembling a great auk or penguin. When nesting (and hunting) on loch shores it chooses the heron form, when at sea or nesting on islands it chooses the auk. It is a dangerous predator feeding on larger fish, young seals, livestock and even humans and demi-humans.

While in heron form it can, once every 3 rounds, attack by swinging its wings at all creatures in front of it within 20'. All creatures will take 1d6 damage and must roll under their dexterity score on 1d20 to remain standing. While a boobrie in this form will rarely attack humans, recognising them as dangerous, they will fight to the death to defend their massive (20'-30' across) nests among reeds and marshlands.

In auk form, boobries pay little attention to fishermen (who often see the presence of a seal hunting boobrie in the water as good luck). But anyone who falls into the water is in serious danger. An auk form boobrie can once every 6 rounds when in the water emit a piercing shriek that inflicts 1d6 damage on all creatures within 20' in all directions, all of which must make a save vs. paralysis or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.

Boobries share a habit of gathering up shiny things that many birds possess. They don't covet treasure, but when they are found with treasures in their nests that treasure is often accompanied by various other assorted shiny objects. Many a lost ring, charm or even stained glass window has been recovered from boobrie nests.

There are persistent rumours that another, higher form of boobrie related to the faerie races, and which is both more intelligent and able to shift into a number of other forms (cormorant, diver and water bull among others), may still exist. Whether this is true or a rumour spread by the Sidhe remains to be determined.