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by Neal Taylor

Bo-Keem Marid, an Alphatian wizard created the crossbreed as part of research and the desire for privacy in his pursuits .. later he would use this creation as part of his path to immortality.

Bo-Keem Marid (MU 35), an experienced plane and void traveller found a quiet world, Argain, or so he thought for research into the mysteries. Erecting a tower in the waste, Marid hired local kobold and gnolls as guards to keep out unwanted visitors. As most wizards, Marid was curious and with most gnolls and kobolds the hirelings left a lot to be desired. Marid began crossbreeding halfling captives with his hirelings. After many flaws, he finally created his masterpiece the Boor. They had the physical strength and viciousness of gnolls, heartiness of halflings, and the fruitfulness of kobolds. the first batch numbered only 15 (6 males and 9 females). Within 2 years the number had grown to 120. Boor began to teach the original 6 males and they became the patriarch .. after a two year process he turned them loose, but they came back to the tower each year with their clans. As Marid continued with his explorations the Boor quickly overcame the local kobolds, gnolls, and halflings. As time wore on Marid was not at the tower every year so the patriarchs decided to elect on of their number as the high priest to stay at the tower and advise the others....over the course of the next three years the Boor grew very numerous and ever expanding....eventually overrunning the gnoll kingdom of Salshar along the Salshar river, and a human city on the northern coast .. Peligar. their expansion has continued till now....faced with true threats to their domination....from isle to the north come the magical Eloi humans and to the south the numerous and tough Thri-keen tribes. Marid came back and noticed the structure and approved....he also began using boor warriors and mages on his exploration trips......

In my campaign on a trip to the prime plane and to Mystara Marid had come to collect a the "horn of fire" a minotaur artifact from near Minea...that is how the party first encountered the boor. after a couple of run-ins over the course of the next couple of years the party found a way to Argain, and joined in the fight against the boor there....realising that if this horde was left unchecked it could overrun most of the multiverse..

typical warrior stat
HD 4
AT by weapon
Int 14
str 18
wis 12
dex 17
con 15
chr 6

typical mage
hd 6
at spells as 4th level wizard
int 17
str 15
wis 15
dex 15
con 12
chr 14