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A Night in the Boudoir: magical cosmetics

by Ross Gould

Good evening ladies. Let me introduce myself - I am Alymer, Master Alchemist, a member of the Corporation of Alchemists. I am glad that all present accepted my private invitation for this evening's little soiree. No doubt you are among the most powerful women in Glantri City. You deserve only the best. I have with me in this little trunk magical perfumes and cosmetics that will help you obtain more control over people. Trust me, I don't want to see these items in the hands of a common women, trollops or hedge wizards, so I offer my products only to those gathered here.

Exclusivity and confidentiality will be strictly maintained; any orders will be kept private. I personally guarantee these products forsooth selling inferior goods is imprudent and knowing your reputations and magical powers ... dangerous.

There are five types of perfumes that I am offering for the first time. In general, each comes in an unique one ounce elf-blown crystal bottle. The dosage is one dram, thus there are eight doses in every bottle. An application lasts 5-8 hours unless a Dispel Magic spell is cast. Each and every one costs 200 crowns. Naturally, all have an exquisite fragrance.

Here try these samples:

'Affinity' - has an alluring quality which will enhance your personal beauty. (Charisma will temporarily increase one point 75% chance or two points 25% chance.)

'Entreaty'- has a bewitching fragrance which will refine your natural charms, and heighten your personal magnetism. (Charisma reaction adjustment bonus +3.)

'Obsession' - will amplify your powers as you cast Charm Person spells, for any victim is rendered impotent by the scent. (Persons targeted suffer a penalty of -2 on their saving throws.)

'Fidelity' - possesses a bright, clean scent which your intimate partners will find refreshing. (This increases the chances of a favour being granted by anyone you speak to by 25%. For example, you ask your warrior paramour to go to the old dragon's former lair to find a dagger. Most likely, he'd say, "I don't think I'll undertake this mission for you." But under 'Fidelity's' effects, he'd say, "Well okay, I'll go.")

'Brute' - a masculine scent for the husband or lover in your life. When applied to a man's skin, his body's fat will look like muscles; he'll look like a hero. It is an illusion, but what a potent fantasy! (Men will appear to have a strength score of 18 and can intimidate as per the proficiency. Of course women can gain these benefits if they wish to use it on themselves. Those who have 18 or greater strength will gain no benefits.)

I also have two kinds of lip cream. Both are applied like any other type of cosmetic. However, they have been magically altered to provide wonderful effects. Both are potent for only 3 kisses; i.e., there are three chances to "attack" before the potency wears out. (Victims save against potions.) The magical properties of the creams last no more than 12 hours in any case.

'Passion' - has a luscious red colour reminiscent of rubies. A kiss will rendered any male powerless against you. Like a Philtre of Love, a man will become enamoured for 12 hours, unless a Dispel Magic is cast upon him. Also any attempts at charming this individual are increased (the victim would make a saving throw at -4). One jar contains enough lip cream for 10 applications and costs a mere 300 crowns.

'Enthral' has an arresting red hue. A "successful" kiss will paralyse the victim for 5-8 turns. The victim can not move or speak, yet is able to see and hear as normal. This cream is a must for any femme fatale. One jar contains enough lip cream for 15 applications and costs only 250 crowns.

Lastly, I have here a little something for which you'll have an infinite amount of uses for. 'Alymer's Vanishing Cream' is an all purpose concoction. Not only will it soothe and cleanse your skin and act as a superior base, but it will hide any wart, mole, wrinkle, birthmark or facial hair! This unguent will also cover up acne, cold sores, fever blisters, swelling, and make bruises disappear. The effect lasts 9-12 hours. A four ounce jar costs only 120 crowns.