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Bracers of Vertigo

by Ariel Guerra

Created by a vampire necromancer who used them as part of her arsenal for inflicting terror throughout northern Traladara, this pair of bracers were stolen when their creator was slain in her coffin. A red rose was left in place of her cold, dead heart - the slayer's calling card.

These bracers are made of steel and patterned with the blackest onyx. When activated by command word, they emit blackish-grey waves of energy which cover a 20-foot radius, at a range of up to 10 feet per level of the caster (to a maximum of 100 feet away). These corrupted energies inflict severe dizziness and subsequent nausea upon their victims.

Upon being hit by the dark energy, the following occurs:

  1. All victims suffer 1d4 points of pain damage (stomach cramps)
  2. Victims have a 50% chance of dropping whatever they are carrying
  3. Halved (1/2) movement rate for 1d4 rounds from dizziness
  4. Dexterity defensive adjustments to AC are nullified, as the victim cannot move quickly
  5. Spells cast while affected have a 50% chance of failure
  6. Those with a CON less than 13 must make a successful ability check or double over in agonising pain and confusion for 1d4 rounds
  7. Those not doubled over and capable of fighting (ie, still have their weapons in hand) attack at a -2 to hit and receive a -1 to all saving throws

The bracers can be used to produce the above effects up to twice per day. If the two attacks are used sequentially, the third effect (CON check) affects those with CON scores less than 14 on the second attack.