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Brad Kull

by Giulio Caroletti

13th Yarthmont 980, Akesoli, Republic of Darokin.
History: Bradten William Kull was born in Akesoli, son of a middle-class merchant who wanted him to become a merchant too. Kull, however, was not too happy of this, although he begun to travel with his father through western Darokin, accompanying him and learning the job. In AC 998, however, on the road from Darokin to Selenica, most of the caravan's members were killed by one of the guards, who didn't know he had been infected by lycanthropy. Among the few survivors, Brad fled in the wilderness alone, while his father Ariel was killed. Brad reappeared in Akesoli only three months after, much changed in spirit, and by then a werewolf himself. He had been captured by two Thyatian adventurers, Harold and Jacob Boar, while in wolf form, and although they hadn't been able to cure him, they taught him of his new condition and offered their help. Kull spent some time with them, and with Publicola, their uncle, who discovered his magical potential and introduced him to another wizard who lived in Akesoli. Returning home only to discover that his mother had died of despair, believing to have lost both his husband and only son, Brad Kull decided to move to Akesoli, under the patronage of the wizard (and retired adventurer) Minnear. In AC 1001 he started his career as an adventurer joining Paul Ramsey and other adventurers as a magic-user in a quest to save a village from nearby goblins. Soon after the two met also Hyatt McIntyre and started a long series of adventures that eventually led them to the encounter with the other members of 'Never the Same', a name he invented for the group. He has built himself a tower a dozen of kilometres east of Akorros around AC 1007, but spends most of the time in a flat in the city, retiring in the tower only when researching.

Personality: Brad Kull is a very nice man. He is calm, very polite, educated and pacific. He is intelligent and sensitive. However, Brad Kull is very shy, and in public he remains mostly silent, speaks little and only when it is necessary, and appears somehow nervous. This makes him unnerving to people that doesn't know him, and that meets him casually or for the first time. His politeness, thus, is often mistaken for sarcasm and mocking. However, it doesn't take long to realise that he is a "good guy".
Brad doesn't care of his comrades' political views, and thus is a very good friend of Hyatt, while he finds a bit annoying certain attitudes of Weston and Ramsey. Anyway, he gets along well with all of them.

Appearance: Kull is quite beautiful, having delicate features (maybe too delicate), long black hair, and deep brown eyes. He has a deep scar on his left chin, and is very embarrassed if people takes notice of this, so he often wears a cloak with its hood always on- and this obviously doesn't add to his personality when dealing with strangers.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Werewolf 4th - Magic User 10th.
Str 14, Int 17, Wis 10, Dx 14, Con 12, Cha 11 Alignment: Neutral.