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by Matthew Levy

Yes, I guess that it would have to be down in that area on the southwest coast ... I didn't find my hollow world map until today, but I just looked it over and what you say makes sense. The "Brasol" range is another clear hint at "Brazil" - I wonder if we are doing what TSR would eventually have done anyway. I've read your second post, and I agree with that too ... I was getting ahead of myself in the history. Based on what you've said, and including the post someone sent yesterday about Texeiras only being a century old, we have a timeline like this:

- -800 AC: Northwest Davania is one continuous desert; Arypt-Izonda basin is inhabited mainly by humanoids, Sis'thik, or some other monster race.

800-900 AC: Huge geologic upheavals (fast even by Mystaran standards) create the Addakian Gulf; jungles spring up around the new bay.

900-980 AC: Tribal humans from the northern coast of Izonda, the mountains of Brasol, and the jungles of Pelatan begin to populate these new fertile lands ... they exist as hunter gatherer bands or with isolated farming communities, and have no centralised government

c. 980 AC: Some northern adventurer (perhaps Rory Barbarossa, discoverer of the Thanegioth archipelago) visits and charts the coastline at the north end of the bay

990-1010 AC: Texeiran merchants seize control of entrance to Addakian Gulf; build forts at key locations, organise local tribes into Missions, begin importing slaves from various parts of Brun.

1014 AC: First slave uprising in New Texeiras (Brasolia); natives aid some of the fugitive slaves; reprisals by Texeiran (and other) bandeiros begin.