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Brasov (Kingdom of)

Location: Continent of Brun, western side of the Endworld Line, north of Zuyevo, south of Klagorst. WB

Area: 26,700 sq. mi. (69,155 sq. km.).

Population: 19,600 (94% human, 6% elven).

Languages: Brasovian (85% Visneskayan, 15% Elvish), Elvish (Belfadil dialect).

Coinage: Florin (gp), peszy (sp), markwi (cp).

Taxes: 10% income tax, to be paid on the 1st day of spring and 1st day of autumn, plus a special "death tax" that goes to the clergy of Azrael and is paid by the wealthy families (consisting of approximately another 1% of yearly income), which must be paid to the temple of Azrael on the day of the Winter Solstice. No taxation system exists among the Belfadil elves of Eadil.

Government Type: Senatorial monarchy.

Industries: Textiles, agriculture (wheat, corn, apples), farming (sheep, goats).

Important Figures: Szabo II (King), Daunidel Belfadil (Elven King).

Flora and Fauna: Brasov was originally a steppe, dotted with woodlands, but in the last centuries most parts of the steppe have been converted into farmlands. The woods are of pine in the north, but oaks become more common southwards.

Common animals in the region are wolves, bears, deer, foxes, horse, cattle, rats, and sometimes an elk or some reindeer that have crossed the northern mountains from Klagorst.

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Last Year's Events: Lycanthropy appeared for the first time in Brasov.