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The lost elven realm of Brethilad

by Geoff Gander

The big valley north of Bronsdale was where I placed the lost elven realm of Brethilad. As of AC 1000, there are ruins, abandoned Home Trees, a ruined village (and stream that leads eastwards), the former great fortress at the northern end of the valley (now a monastery), and an even more secluded valley and lake to the north of that.

Here are some notes for Brethilad. I would note that I was on a Tolkien kick when I created the region (having read LoTR, the Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales during that summer). IIRC, this material was created between 2000 and 2002.


General Notes: Although empty, there is a magical feeling when one enters Brethilad, as though being under observation. Wildlife is plentiful, but humanoids are reluctant to enter the valley (though they donít know why). The trees are quite a bit larger than one would expect, and nestled in the deeper reaches are a few old Home Trees. The main road is heavily overgrown, but recognisable, and the stone bridges are intact.

Emyn Ithil (Hills of the Moon): These low hills once hosted rituals to celebrate the seasons, and special groves planted for such occasions remain.

Ered Celeb (Silver Mountains): These aptly named mountains actually do have many rich veins of silver running through them.

Harlond (South Haven): Not much remains of this village, except rotted dock posts jutting up from the water and a few foundations. Digging around might uncover a thing or two.

Celgormís Statue: A large statue of the last king of Brethilad, which stands by the main north-south road. It still stands.

Minas Brethil (Tower of Beeches): This small tower stands over the main north-south road, and served as a rallying point for troops. There was enough room for about ten soldiers. The tower is largely intact as of AC 1000, and I have maps for it somewhere.

Minas Celeb (Tower of Silver): I never really developed this one. Anything could be here.

Mithmar (Grey Dwelling): This was a pleasant village nestled by a serene lake, and much of it remains fairly intact. I have a sketch map of this somewhere.

Ostbrethilad (Stronghold of the Beeches): This served as the royal palace and as a shelter if Brethilad was ever invaded Ė which it was. It was carved into the rockface, and resembles two gigantic beech trees framing a great entrance. It still stands, and I have a map for it. Behind Ostbrethilad is a hidden valley (Imlad Anor Ė Vale of the Sun), which measures a few square miles and contains a small lake fed by runoff, and elf-planted groves.