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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron Of Halflings, High Hero and Protector of the Five Shires, Patron of Abundance
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 13 (Celestial), LG, Time
Symbol: a golden ear of wheat
Portfolio: halflings (hins), patriotism, safety, family, prosperity, wealth
Worshipped in: Known World (Five Shires, Darokin, Minrothad, Karameikos), Alphatia, Davania
Appearance: an elderly halfling with a noble appearance and a still strong physique, with curly white hair and long greying sideburns, clad in rich garments but barefoot, always smoking his favourite pipe and flashing an assuring and warm smile.
Likely Theory: In BC 1500, besieged by the more numerous Neathar tribes come from the north, Brindorhin's father Faranor led a great migration of halflings from their homeland of Brasol to the southern coasts of Brun, taking the same path that a thousand years ago the elves of the second migration from Grunland had taken to reach Ilsundal. Faranor merely wanted to find a safe haven for his kin where to establish his new kingdom, and finally sailed across the Addakian Sound, reaching the southern fringes of the Serpent Peninsula. Here they spotted some Sheyallia elves living in the jungles, and remembering well their good relationship with the elves of the past generations, Faranor convinced his kin to settle there in order to profit from the elves' protection. Unfortunately, after a hin generation it became clear that the region was ripe with dangerous flora and fauna, belligerent Tanagoro humans encroached their lands and even the elves did not behave that kindly towards them, refusing to aid the halflings when they hoped it. So after finding out the trail followed by the majority of Ilsundal's elves, Brindorhin took all the halflings under his guidance after his father's death and issued the Second Migration. After some months the hins built another fleet and sailed eastward, reaching the Five Shires region where they landed. In this land still untouched by humans Brindorhin found the survivors of the Glantrian Catastrophe, the friendly and peaceful elves of the Gentle Folk (Truedyl clan), and he finally was convinced to have reached the promised land. So the hins settled in the region they renamed Deepland, living side by side with the kind elves and building the Keep of Faerdinel, where they amassed all their treasures.
After resisting an orcish invasion in BC 1254 and repelling numerous raids organised by Traldar pirates against their coastal settlements, at the end of BC 1200 Brindorhin discovered an ancient Taymora artifact in the southern grottos and when he activated it, he found himself nearly 250 years in the future. When he re-emerged from the caves, he discovered the elves had vanished around BC 1000 and that a horde of humanoids from the north had invaded and conquered his homeland. Brindorhin immediately organised a resistant militia and led the First Upheaval in BC 965-964, dislodging the humanoids and founding the new realm of Hindon. At this point, Khoronus contacted Brindorhin and explained him what he needed to do in order to advance in his path towards immortality in the sphere of Time. Brindorhin travelled again in the future and came back in BC 915, when Hindon had been conquered by the dwarvish tyrant Loktal and renamed the Glittering Land. IN BC 912, after years of skirmishes and intrigues, Brindorhin was able to issue the Second Upheaval and to end Loktal's tyranny. The hins drove the dwarves and orcs from beyond their mountains and founded the new kingdom of Shaerdon. Unfortunately, the hins' freedom lasted only ten years, because after Brindorhin left them they were not able to stay united and divided they fell under the humanoids' incursions. During his last comeback, Brindorhin appeared as Gunzuth the Clanless and in BC 610 he led the hins to revolt against the human and humanoid invaders, after a century of clashes known as the Time of Heroes that started with the Third Upheaval led by Coberham Shadowglint. Gunzuth was then appointed first Sheriff of Shaerdon, founding the town of Shireton and ruling the halflings with wisdom for over thirty years. Shaerdon became the Five Shires when Gunzuth divided it among his five sons in BC 572, before resigning his position, and so the Shires were formed. This final act granted him immortality in the Sphere of Time and he became one of the High Heroes, patron of the Five Shires and of the hins all over the world. After some time, he sponsored Finidel, a human hero from Brasol, and helped him attain immortality after founding a kingdom where the halflings left in Davania could live in peace with the humans.
Personality: Gunzuth is a merry but pragmatic immortal, deeply fond of traditions and laws. He loves life deeply and teaches his worshippers to enjoy the fruits of the earth and their job without trying to find cheap or unlawful ways to gain more wealth. The greatest treasure for any halfling is in fact the safety of his home and the love of his family. Coberham and Nob Nar are his two inseparable allies, together with his protégé, Finidel. He strongly opposes the immortal patrons of goblins and orcs, remembering the suffering that the hins endured at the hands of these humanoids before his rise to power.
Patron: unknown [likely: Khoronus]
Allies: Coberham, Nob Nar, Finidel
Enemies: Karaash, Yagrai, Wogar
D&D Classic Stats for Clerics & Followers:
Followers' Alignment: any; Clerics must be Lawful
Weapons: rapier (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 bonus to Charisma, bonus Storyteller general skill
Paladins' skills & powers: Brindorhin's paladins are the so-called Hin Masters (see GAZ8 for more info)
D&D 3E Stats
Domains: Time, Law, Good, Family
Preferred weapon: rapier
Sources: GAZ8