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Broken Lands Act II, Orcs on a Mission - Updated 10-Aug-06

by Greywolf-ELM

[Notice: Before reading this story. This is an EVIL group of Orcs adventuring. I will note at the top of a post, if there is killing of humans in the post. If you will be offended, please do not read, or skip the posts mentioning the deaths of human innocents. I hope that combat with human soldiers will not need to be noted. That said, please enjoy the story of the warband's adventures.]

DM Notation: I am starting this up, to get caught up with the current story in the Broken Lands. I do not have recent game session outlines, and no quotes to go with them. I am far enough behind that restarting writing is becoming a problem. I'm hoping that starting from a current point in time will renew my desire to finish the back story, and fill them in.

I hope you enjoy,

The Orcs in the Wyvern Warband are:

Gorga, a young Orc who has been training with the scouts and hunters of the tribe. His wilderness knowledge and skills mark him well as a future leader within the tribe, if he can survive the rivalries he will engender in the tribe.

Gaak half brother to Iirkh, is a full-blooded Ogre who actually has the intelligence and wisdom to be a force to reckon with in the tribe. He has been training hard as a fighter with a specific goal in mind.

Tuukar tracker and hunter with the Vile Runes tribe, set out to join up with the Wyverns to increase his standing and glory in the horde.


Nachip was an initiate shaman in the Vile Runes tribe. The Wyverns recruited him, on a stop at the tribe, and he has called upon the spirits to the benefits of the Wyverns.

Grall is a Gnoll from east of the kobold lands, he offered service, after hearing tales of power and conquest at the knee of the Battle Drummer Drigka

Haggrekk is a Bugbear hired on by the warband, after watching him fight in the pits at the Sacred Caverns. He won, barely, but with a certain viciousness that was appreciated by the warband

Summary of Current Actions

The warband has decided to travel into Troll lands, to retrieve the sword called "OgreBreaker". Gaak does not want such a weapon of legendary name to fall into the hands of anyone who might come hunting for him. Better to keep such a weapon close than have it come hunting from afar. Gorga still leads this warband, but with the members of the warband proving to be powerful in their own ways, the warband acts more as a Council of elders at times, with Gorga as the ChairOrc heading it. The warband is comprised of: Gorga, Gaak, Tuukar, Darkhunt, Nachip, Grall, and Haggrekk. There are also 5 Hobgoblins pressed into service through the convincing of Tuukar, and about 20 Obsidian Orcs from the lands of Orcus Rex led by Gorga, are met here. Others have come and gone from the warband, but these few continue toward the goal of one day ruling the Broken Lands, and with that power, lands beyond.