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The Broken Voice issue 1

by Greywolf-ELM

About this time, I started posting the Broken Voice, Campaign Newsletter. Here are some excerpts, that might give readers, ideas why the warband might go some of the directions they do.

Every Orc should know this stuff.
The Broken Lands are divided among ten hordes under the powerful orcish chief, King Thar. Humanoid hordes are equivalent to human nations, each being under the horde chief's command. Hordes break down into a multitude of autonomous tribes obeying the Horde chief, each containing several racial clans.(Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Hobgoblins etc...)

Rumorz -n- Tails
- King Thar is possessed by a demon that causes him to act crazy and change his mind
- Kuo Toa warriors have taken up residence in Lake Gum, and have begun raiding in lower Blood Orcland
- A Dragon has taken control of an Orc tribe
- The Seeress Megdlen can enchant armour for added strength and protection, for a price
- The Ogre Chieftain Butor, is seeking revenge upon the Vile runes tribe for killing his favoured warband
- Ugoora Redscale, Queen of the Kobolds, has different mates, to increase the powers of her progeny
- An Elven war party is slowly making its way into Kobold lands to find a lost Elven temple

Link here for the full version