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The Broken Voice issue 4

by Greywolf-ELM

Urg Orcskin - Reports

Submitted by one of the players after the session, and included in the Broken Voice issue #4

Good party! The Eagles come bak with good meat. Was fresh dragon meat. Some say they killed 5 dragons! There was lotz of meat for hole tribe. Garnash give nu name, "Wyverns"

Then the Wolves got jealous. Tried to beat up the Wyverns. But Wogar was with the Wyverns. Accrum was stricken by the Gods. Could not fight. The women say he can no longer get it up. Ha Ha!
Poor Ogre is laughed at now.

Droom did well, but Gorga is younger and stronger. Kicked the snot out of Droom. Gorga hardly had a scratch.

Nasty goblin spirit-walker attacked with fire magic. Almost killed one of the Wolves. Should be driven from the tribe. Nasty goblin.

Now the Wyverns are the bestest of the tribe. Where the Grog? Thirsty work telling story.

Whoz' Who? Hargul Wolf-Tongue-

Hargul is the Shaman for the Vile Runes tribe. He was recruited by Garnash One-Tusk, at the sacred cavern before coming south and starting the Vile Runes.

Hargul is a shaman to Wogar, and has the ability to change as a werewolf. This power is granted him as a shaman to Wogar.

Hargul is skilled at brewing potions, and is knowledgeable on the subjects of magic and religion. He is of the Blood Orc (Red Orcs) line, and wears his hair shaved, except for a dreadlock horsetail in the back. He wears magically enhance hide armour from creatures he has killed, and wields a Gri-Gri in battle, when he is not casting spells.

Hargul is second only to Garnash in authority within the tribe. His loyalty is to the tribe, his god, and himself.

Every Orc Knowz
Every Orc should know this stuff.
Jammudaru is a god worshipped by the Ogres. As an ogre, he survived a terrible curse that turned him into a slimy horror. As revenge he boiled his foes in a cauldron of bubbling tar and green slime, and ate them afterward. A shaman of Jammudaru gains power by cooking and eating foes. Juju moss is soaked in the goo, and used for healing.

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