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The Broken Voice issue 5

by Greywolf-ELM

This is about when I posted the 5th Broken Voice update. Excerpts from that publication.

Whoz' Who?
Mogor Dreadblade-

Mogar is the tribe leader of the Black Thugs tribe. Living in the NorthEast of Blood Orc Horde Territory, he keeps the goblins to the North, Gnolls to the NorthEast, and Kobolds to the East, in check.
Mogor came to power during a challenge to the previous tribal chieftain. He is rumoured to have some Demonic heritage.

Mogor is essentially a brutal thug infamous for his foul temper, murderous rages, and propensity for holding a grudge. He expects deference, and he punishes those who do not display it. But he is also far more crafty and calculating than most people imagine. (Mogar is a tanarauk type Orc from the Forgotten Realms setting, I like the idea behind them and frankly I wanted diversity among the tribe and horde leaders)

Rumorz -n- Tailz
- The hated Dwarves of Rockhome have a coming of age ceremony too. They send young Dwarves into the Broken lands to raid Orcs, Gnolls, and Kobolds for fun. (this is a modification of the Dwarves raiding into Alfheim note from that gazetteer)
- There have been skirmishes between the Orcs and the Kobolds over the last few weeks.
- Communing with spirits has mentioned the general location of the magical Greatsword "OgreBreaker" Hargul of the Vile Runes is the source
- The Ogres have suffered a resounding defeat by the Vile Runes Tribe and are licking their wounds.
- Giants have made a pact with Kobolds and are seen in their warbands.

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