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The Broken Voice issue 6

by Greywolf-ELM

About this time in the game, the 6th Broken Voice came out. Excerpts below.

Rumorz -n- Tailz
- Counter-Attacks have been made against the Kuo-Toa fortifications at lake Gum.
- Blood Hawks have been attacking Orcs in the vicinity of Nakota's grave. This is considered an ill omen in the horde.
- A covey of Hags living in Wogar's breath, is able to cast powerful rituals and magics. they are guarded by Orcs and Goblins who can change into Ogre's and Giants to protect them.
- Kobolds in the Black Hills are being hunted by Bulletes. The creatures are hunting and digging up caves and burrows.
- A river dragon has taken up residence in the Gukank rapids between the Bugbears and the Trolls.

Every Orc Knowz
Red Orcland was conquered by the Goblins up North, and was only freed when King Thar came to power. This is why there is a high degree of Goblin influence and population in Red Orcland. When the Goblins were forced to pull back to their own area of the Broken Lands, they took the Wolves, Dire Wolves of all kinds with them. There is nary a wolf in Red Orcland to be found. When Sharraxtharkul called to his own wolf, he had to the edge of the Orcland, and seek a companion. By luck alone was a lone wolf ranging far to the North of his old pack, and was called to be companion to him.

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