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The Broken Voice issue 7

by Greywolf-ELM

About this time in the game, the 7th Broken Voice came out. Excerpts below.

Whoz' Who?
Droom Stomp-Foot-
Droom is the leader of the Wolves warband, in the Vile Runes. Droom and his boys are known for fighting dirty. The recent defeat at the hands of the Wyverns has put the Wolves on notice, with other warbands contending with them for rights in the tribe.
Droom is known for stomping on the fingers of enemies who were hanging from a cliff. His warband chased a group of kobolds into a landslide. Those able to hold on, soon fell to their deaths as Droom found each and drove his dwarven boots down upon them.

Rumorz -n- Tailz
- King Thar is calling for an invasion of the Elves. Some tribes are mustering for battle.
- The Seeress Megdlen recently enchanted the bow of an Orc in the Cave Marauders tribe. He has been key to pushing back the Gogglers down below.
- A Red Dragon has lain waste to a kobold tribe near the Blood Orc lands.
- Kobolds in the Black Hills are being hunted by Land Sharks. The creatures are hunting and digging up caves and burrows.
- Portents tell of the rise in power of the Ogres. All signs from the spirits point to the Great Horde.

Link here for the full version