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Bue Geirsteinson

by Jacob Skytte

Lawful 4th level Fighter (Str 16, Int 12, Wis 13, Dex 11, Con 15, Cha 16, AC 2, hp 28) Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Courageous/Fearful 13/7, Reverent/Godless 15/5, Honest/Deceitful 12/8, Loyal/Unreliable 14/6 21 years old, Blond hair, Blue eyes

"You are wrong, father. I am your son, the son you raised to believe in the will of Odin."

Bue is the ideal Ostland warrior, strong of arm, fair of face, and hardy of spirit. He is a firm believer in Odin, the Kingsmaker. His beliefs led him to betray his father, Geirstein Thorgelson, to King Hord Dark-Eye, revealing his father's plans to usurp the throne. The king, who enjoys rivalry among his subjects, allowed Bue the chance to restore his clan's name by defeating the traitors within his clan.

During his quest, Bue duelled his brother Lot, who lost an eye during their battle, and later defeated his father with the aid of Asta Katlasdottir, a jarl's daughter, whom Bue had begun to fall in love with. Though he failed to capture his brother, King Hord still named him jarl of Noslosford after the defeat of Geirstein.

In battle Bue wears a scale mail+1 and a shield+2 called "Stjerneskjold" (Starshield), which used to belong to his father. He wields a war hammer of excellent quality, though it isn't enchanted (+2 to hit, +1 to damage).

Bue has not yet married, but he has pledged his love to Asta Katlasdottir, who unfortunately isn't in a position to return it, before she has restored her tainted honour. He is very close to his sister Lis, the only remaining relative he is on good terms with; she lives with him in the clan hall of Leirbotn. Bue's mother, Elsa, is now a thrall to King Hord. His other sister, Oda, is married to the neighbouring jarl of Vithesford, and the siblings are not on good terms. His younger brother, Hjort, has been adopted into the Royal Household by the king, while his older brother, Lot, is in hiding somewhere.