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by Greg Weatherup

Branching off from Robin's 1 Mile Hex Mapping thread, I figured maybe others could add whatever they have for Bugburbia

Robin wrote:@Gecko...Here the list of villages Thus far in Bugburbia.. and some descriptions of local regions.(blue text =game info)
Could you help me witth the Occupants/tiers/hordes again :) that help was excellent for Hobgobland.

let's see.... 1st thought: The names - other than Trammelant & Reaping - all of them sound very strongly Central Asian, is that intentional? I kinda have that Bugbears just adopt strongly to the local culture (ie in Ogremoor they are even more likely to speak Ogermoorian than the Ogre's are)

For the Horde's of Bugburbia, I had the following:

Tier Surface Lower
1st none Yellow Eyes
2nd Evil Eyes Rox & Skinheads
3rd Deathmongers Blood Grizzlies & 1 other
4th numerous numerous

so let's see if that is compatible with what you have:

Bargazhi is supposed to be the surface holding of the Yellow Eyes? ok, that works
The Evil Eyes (2nd Tier) could be centered on Nighriz and include 2 or 3 of the surrounding villages (Kudiagk and either Ursaid or Palavegh). 3 Villages, including a Production one (as you described it elsewhere), and a large area works for a 2nd Tier Horde.
Deathmongers (3rd Tier) could be either Barbial and surrounds, or it could be Reaping and the Valley of Reaping (If you don't have something specific already in mind for Reaping). A production village and an entire valley and region would work for a 3rd Tier). If you want the Grey Bugbears to be one single Horde then which ever of the two is not used thusly could be the a 4th Tier Grey Bugbear Horde, or even Arctogh could work as well.
The others would thus be individual 4th Tier Hordes (though Arctogh might be a holy site and not part of a horde at all)
Palavegh raids all the way to Trintan? or Did the notes get switched with Ursaid?
I wonder if either Reaping (if not used for the Deathmongers) or Arctogh might not be some Yellow Goblins that for some reason was historically displaced from Akilla's Throne (perhaps not, they are just mixed in amongst the Common Goblins)

For Lower Bugburbia I'd expand it to:
Ohr'r's Yellow Eyes (1st Tier) centered around Kundar - Bugbears (plus Bargazhi on the surface)
Camp Rox is the headquarters of the Rox Horde (2nd Tier), mixed Goblins & Hobgoblins lead by a Goblin named... Rox (surprise, surprise)
The Skinheads (2nd Tier - I'm thinking either Hobgoblins or mixed Bugbears & Hobgoblins) could control the area west of the rivers, thus the waterways form the borders of the main sphere's of influence, though there are also 2 3rd Tier hordes, and numerous unimportant 4th Tier ones. I only have a name for one of the 3rd Tier one's- The Blood Grizzlies (obviously Bugbears). I'm thinking the Blood Grizzlies might control the Bridge and the South bank of the river and the as-yet unnamed horde could be the border area with Lower Gobliny? Alternatively one of the 3rd Tier's could control the small but rich fungal forest South-West of Rox.

So comparing these Hordes to the Italian demography racial breakdown gives us:
1400 Bugbears: most of the Yellow Eyes (1st Tier) & Blood Grizzlies (3rd Tier), perhaps part of Skinheads (2nd Tier), all Lower (need more, especially Surface one's)
1000 (+100) Goblins: small part of the Yellow Eyes (1st Tier), part of Rox (2nd Tier, Lower) (need more)
700 Hobgoblins: part of Rox (2nd Tier), all or part of Skinheads (2nd Tier), (might be good as is or could use a little more, especially on the Surface)
100 Grey Bugbears: 1 4th Tier somewhere
100 Yellow Goblins: included under Goblins or 1 4th Tier somewhere
scattering of Lizardfolk and Troglodytes
unassigned: Evil Eyes (2nd Tier) & Deathmongers (3rd Tier), both surface hordes, and various 4th Tier Hordes upper and lower


perhaps the Evil Eyes are mixed Bugbears & Goblins (or even a mix of all 3: Bugbears, Goblins, & Hobgoblins) with Kudiagk being Goblins, Ursaid or Palavegh as Bugbears and Nighriz either Bugbears or mixed; and Deathmongers are thus either all Bugbears or mixed Bugbears & Hobgoblins. Dogtash would seem to be a 4th Tier Bugbear horde.

Alternatively still, the Evil Eyes could control the whole Eastern corner, with the Dogtash-Kudiagk river valley and one of the neighboring river valleys (Ursaid or Palavegh) in which case I would have them be either entirely Bugbears or Bugbears & 1 other; and the Deathmongers could then instead be Nighriz or both the Nighriz and Ursaid valley's and would then need to be mixed. This would free-up Reaping if you had something in mind for it already.

About the Valley of Furr- what about the non-Bugbears of Bugburbia? Do their young go here as well?