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Bug Juice Alchemy

by Aoz

Costs less to make, tastes terrible, enhanced effect but sever side effects

---Here is an example of Bug Juice Alchemy---

Bug Juice Healing Potion:
Save vs Poison [Pass-Drink/Fail-Puke (Nausea* for 1 turn)]
Instantly heals drinker 2d8
[Bug and plants races: Healing and Resistance to Side effects: Roll twice** select best]
Save vs Spell [Pass: "Nausea*" equal reverse of bless (A.K.A curse) for 1 turn per hp healed/Failed: Paralyzed or stun for 1 turn per hp healed]
**Healing, Save for Poison and Save for Spell (roll each twice and select best) for Bug and Plants Races.
Sells for 30 Gold pieces per dose at HQ [60 to 120 gp from a Travelling Merchant]