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The Bulzanian Sects

by Christian Constantin

The Patriarchs (Church of Bulzan, the Agrarian Faith)

The Patriarchs' order is the biggest faith in Bulzan and one of the oldest. Its main aim is the respect of the old Bulzanian ways and the development of the Bulzanian nation through procreation, colonisation and war. Its ultimate goal would be to revive the power that represented Bulzan during the fourteenth century BC. The Patriarchs diffuse a philosophy of respect to the elder and they encourage the cult of the ancestors. They consider that all people should be able to increase their happiness through hard work and the respect of the established institutions. For them, the only way for somebody to grow is to confront the obstacles that are always sown in the way to happiness. People must accept these obstacles and try to succeed by their own means without looking for exterior help. The Patriarchs believe that religion is so important in everybody's life that it should have a bigger place for it in the Bulzanian politics. They disregard the other sects as being a decoy bringing the Bulzanians out of the rightful path and so they are in conflict with most of the other sects.

Immortals revered:
        - Dazhbog (Ixion) - Perun (Odin)
        - Gozhar (Razud) - Taras (Tarastia)
        - Matka (Terra) - Jarila (Valeria)
        - Forsetta -Dzarovit (Thor)
        - Striborg (Cretia)

Delegates to the council: Dragos Iorgan (C28, of Razud), Tibor Mazilu (C25, of Odin) and Felicia Torok (C18, of Terra)

The Cult of the Builders (the Craftsmen Church)

This is a genuine urban Bulzanian cult dedicated to the immortals that favour creative activities, crafts or arts. Most of the followers of this sect are found in the craftsmen corporations. Its philosophy strongly supports creative activities and sees creation as the only way to avoid living an absurd and meaningless life. Creation is seen as a divine act that bring the humans closer to the immortal and even provide them with a part of immortality as their creation will survive their mortal end. This cult is animated by the idea that if all people from around the world create only one thing in their life the human race will regain their long-lost demigod status [a reference to the technological age of Blackmoor]. The Cult of the Builders is strongly opposed to all chaotic or evil faith that may seek to destroy or alter any kind of creation.

Immortals revered:
        - Steriag (Asterius) - Svarog (Kagyar)
        - Svarozhic (Rathanos) - Karzelek (Garl)
        - Weles (Tiresias) - Doregar (12 Watchers)
        - Palarok (Palartarkan)

Delegates to the council: Steliana Kobori (C25, of the 12 Watchers), Emil Vulpes (C21, of Tiresias) and Virgil Toda (C16, of Kagyar)

The Woodland Cult (The Way of Nature, the Forest Church)

This is one of the oldest sects of Bulzan. Its followers are found particularly in forested areas and around Rockwater. Followers of the Forest Church put a particular importance on the preservation of the forests and of their inhabitants. The sect philosophy enjoins to live in a way that will not disrupt the balance between man and nature. It is seen as a pacific Church as war is seen as threat toward nature. However, its followers are ready to fight to protect the forests. This sect is secretly opposed to the Master as it sees his Greatrealm declaration as the first step toward the destruction of the great forest of Niwhelm (the Dark Wood). It is also somewhat opposed to the Patriarchs and the Cult of the Builders as those two faiths represent for them a threat to the balance between men and nature.

Immortals revered:
        - Bilbog (Djaea) - Yarilo (Faunus)
        - Svaroz (Ka) - Simargl (Ordana)
        - Mati (Terra) - Simorg (Zirchev)
        - Chiron - Lado (Frey)/ Lada (Freyja)

Delegates to the council: Mattias Dobre (C27, of Ordana), Tibor Bojin (C24, of Zirchev) and Zaharia Osadci (C17, of Djaea)

The Temple of Chaos

Brought into Bulzan by Hulean settlers and armies, this faith is important among the Hulean population of Bulzan and in the criminal organisations throughout the country. This faith is in open conflict with the Way of the Law. It is also opposed to the Fiendish Cult as it seeks to take the latter place in the Bulzanian society. The relation with the Patriarchs is also quite tense. (See James Mishler's aka Mystaros work for more details).

Immortals revered:
        - Bozdogan (Loki) - Yalamenek (Masauwu)
        - Savashan (Orcus) - Veleketer (Alphaks)
        - Eylenmek (Faunus) - Yazibali (Talitha)
        - Buyulome (Thanatos) - Guzelik (Pearl)

Delegates to the council: Dilara Kazaz (C22, of Loki), Ekber "The Choleric" Nursel (C22, of Alphaks) and Harika Lacusta (C17, of Talitha)

The Way of the Law

Brought in by wandering missionaries from the Northern Plains and by Sardjik merchants, this cult has the favour of some city-dwellers mainly in the administrative circles and of the semi-nomadic Bulzanian communities of the Yazak Steppes border. The followers of the Way of the Law and of the Temple of Chaos are always opposed in, sometime violent, conflicts. (More details to come)

Immortals revered:
        - Odin - Thor
        - Terra - Frey
        - Ka - Diamond
        - Freyja - Ostara

Delegates to the council: Magda Beklea (C20, of Freyja) and Vlad Mazilu (C18, of Odin)

The People's Temple (The Church of the Scriptures)

This sect is dedicated to the goal of establishing more equality in the Bulzanian society. It encourages learning as a mean of political emancipation and the end of the strict corporate system. It is particularly active when it comes to help the poorest Bulzanian and it is sometimes found in the Dasarian's shelters educating people. For them everybody is equal at birth and should have the equal chance to develop through learning. For the followers of this sect, the only thing that distinguishes the sentient races from the animals is their capacity to learn. The ultimate goal of life for this religion is to add to the world knowledge by one's experiences, studies or achievements. Many Bulzanian scholars are part of this sect. This sect is opposed to the forces of conservatism in the Bulzanian society, be it the Patriarchs or the Corporations. It has good relation with the forces that seek to help the poor and the Bulzanian "Proscris" as the Dasarians.

Immortals revered:
        - Dodola (Diulanna) - Bilbog (Djaea)
        - Swaroz (Ka) - Khoron (Khoronus)
        - Volos (Koryis) - Taras (Tarastia)
        - Dvorov (Ssu-Ma)

Delegates to the council: Mihas Grul (C22, of Ssu-Ma) and Adelina Ilie (M19)

The Church of Traladara

Found mainly in southern Bulzan, this faith was brought by the Traladaran settlers during the fifth century AC. Its tolerance and the belief of a Golden Age to come over the Traladarans and their allies characterise it. Since 983 AC, when the troubles initiated by the Church of Traladara in Olgar were quelled, the Church of Traladara is also outlawed in Bulzan. (For more details see GAZ1 or The Olgarian Levtja entry)

Immortals revered:
        - Halav - Petra
        - Zirchev

The Dasarian

This philosophy comes from a now semi-extinct western civilisation. It seeks the ultimate victory of the Good against the evil forces. This is a minor cult in Bulzan but it provides shelter and care for the poorest Bulzanians. It is particularly opposed to the Fiendish Cult. (More details to come)

Immortals revered:
        - Chardastes - Tarastia
        - Patura - Terra

Delegate to the council: Janos Troester (C19, of Chardastes)

The Fiendish Cult

This sect would probably be hunted down in many other societies as its followers put their faith into the hands of the worst immortal creatures. But, in the Bulzanian society, they are seen as a part of the natural balance of the world as long as they do not bring to much destruction. This sect finds its roots in the fiends believing tribes that once traded and conflicted with the Yazak cities. It is dedicated to the goal of destroying all living things. It despised everything that may extend the reign of the living over the world. Their philosophy is somewhat nihilistic as it looks forward to the destruction of everything as a legitimate life goal. Usually this sect is torn apart by intestine rivalry, but, since a cleric of Swiatonid (Atzanteotl) is at the head of the sect, their approach is more methodical and clever.

Immortals revered:
        - Swiatonid (Atzanteotl) - Baba Jaga (Nyx)
        - Triglav (Demogorgon) - Chernobog (Bartziluth)
        - Rugievit (Bagni) - Leptar

Delegate to the council: Aurel Paraska (C23, of Atzanteotl)