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Bylot Hills

Location: Continent of Brun, west of the Dark Wood, east of the Yalu River. WB

Area: 82,000 sq. mi. (212,380 sq. km.), including 28,220 sq. mi. (73,090 sq. km.) occupied by Hule, 9,800 sq. mi. (25,380 sq. km.) occupied by Zuyevo; the remainder is contested between the two empires.

Population: 177,600 (162,200 humans, 15,400 mixed humanoids).

Languages: Hulean, Zuyevan, Sendaryan.

Coinage: Various, barter is also common.

Government Type: None, except within the imperial territories.

Industries: Gold, platinum, tin, iron, copper, electrum and silver can all be found in abundance here. At the moment there are only a handful of mines. Two are operated by Hule (copper and iron), one by Zuyevo (silver) and one is independently operated in no-man's land (platinum).

Important Figures: Whoever has the most troops and the best weapons rules!

Flora and Fauna: Not included in report.

Further Reading: Previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: The tsar discovered about the reality of the situation in the Bylot Hills and the lack of actual Zuyevan control of the mines.