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Cabal Skill

by John Hare

With this intelligence based skill several mages of the same craft can pool their spells to get increased performance from them. All members of the cabal must have the spell memorised in able to cast it. When setting up the cabal all members must make a skill check to succeed in joining, if they fail then they do not become part of the cabal and cannot join unless all members of the cabal break up and try to join again. This joining is very stressful and costs 1 hp per attempt, whether successful or not. When cast the spell's effect is increased, starting out with the highest spell caster in the group and adding 1/4 of the levels of all other members of the cabal. However each cabal is organised around a central focus and the number of members who can join depend on his intelligence and charisma bonuses. (18 Int & 18 Cha would allow 6 additional members) While it can be easily pointed out that separately their combined spells would have an overall greater effect this merging of powers allows extremely potent combat spells (exceeding the normal 20 dice limit). To properly prepare the cabal to cast a spell doubles the casting time of the spell (basically ensuring everyone starts casting at exactly the same time). One very dangerous aspect is should the cabal take damage. If it is just one of the cabal members then that person is no longer counted toward the spell, however if the central focus takes damage then the spell is ruined and all other members of the cabal take half the damage the focus does. (this is from the intricate linking of the cabal) In fact this is one reason that cabals try to stay out of combat and perform their art in well defended and protected locations.